The Lost City: Channing Tatum Gets Naked With Sandra Bullock

The Lost CityChanning Tatum revealed too much of himself in front of Sandra Bullock as one of their scenes in their upcoming movie, The Lost City.

The Lost City is all about a novelist named Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock), who was kidnapped by a billionaire man (Daniel Radcliffe) who is interested in the treasures hidden in the lost city, which Loretta has represented in her latest book.

Channing Tatum portrays the role of Alan, a handsome cover model in Loretta’s book. As soon as he knew about the abduction, he immediately found a way to rescue the novelist.

Channing Tatum – Talks About His “Butt Naked” Scene

The co-director, Adam Nee, revealed that Channing Tatum needed to be “completely naked” for the scene where he was covered with fake leeches.

Tatum revealed that it was the second day of the shoot and hasn’t met everyone yet. “Walking to the set with a bunch of leeches super-glued to my butt, and not having met everybody, and just kind of being like, ‘I’m going to be butt naked. My name is Chan. This is just what it is,’” he said.

The 41-year-old actor also admitted that it got worse when he had to be naked in front of Sandra Bullock while the actress stated a two-page monologue as she stared into a particular part of his body.

‘The Lost City’: Sandra Bullock Talks About Channing Tatum’s Naked Scene in The Movie

During the naked scene, Sandra Bullock’s character, Loretta helped remove the bloodsucker creature, and she was also required to examine Channing Tatum’s character’s groin at eye level.

That particular scene must have been awkward for the actors, however, the 57-year-old actress admitted that she felt no oddity at all. “You have to really like the person and feel safe with them. There was no weirdness,” Bullock said.

“You’d think there would be weirdness, but because he was so chill about it, he dropped everything and I spoke to it,” she continued.

The Bird Box star even joked that Tatum worked hard for a day, that his fitness trainer as well as his blanched chicken and broccoli are part of the film’s budget just for him to look good being naked.

“And I spent the remainder of the day just looking at it all, having long monologues to his bits and pieces,” Bullock added.

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