Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Finally Moves To Utah & Kody Confesses It’s ‘Breaking’ His Heart

Sister Wives In the November 27 episode of Sisters Wife which was filmed last year 2021, Christine Brown was featured packing some of her properties and sending them off to the garage so that potential buyers of the house could have a better look at the house.

While Christine can’t wait to live on her own and be an independent woman, she unintentionally left a trail of broken hearts. In the last episode, Christine gathered the family for a final goodbye and ended up telling her sister wives Meri Brown, and Robyn Brown that she won’t be keeping them as friends because she was never close to them except for Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives Spoilers –  How Kody Brown & The Sister Wives Reacted To Christine’s Leaving

After Christine had told Meri and Robyn to not bother trying to make friends with her, Robyn was left heartbroken because she had wished that Christine and she would become friends once Kody was out of the picture for Christine.

In Christine’s words, Christine said, “I do see us getting together for family reunions. And I do see us having fun together. As far as the relationships with the other adults — I think Janelle and I are super close, but I’m not that close with the rest of you. For right now, I kind of need it that way.”

In a confessional, heartbroken Robyn said, “It’s really hard to be optimistic when a bomb just went off and blew up all your hopes. The collateral damage will go on for generations.”

Meanwhile, Kody has come to the realization that he has lost Christine for good. His pride won’t let him admit he wronged her and wants her back instead he said, “There’s a sense that I feel like I’m, in a way, just coping. I really want to tell her, ‘I loved you, why did you betray me?’ That’s almost just as pathetic. Because she’s leaving. She’s done and I’ve got to accept that but I don’t want to because it’s breaking my heart.”

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Kody Brown’s Reaction To Christine Having Her Own Mind

Few weeks after Christine left, Christine returned to take more of her properties out to the garage. While packing her properties, she met Kody who offered to help her. In the process, the two began arguing about how best to set and arrange Christine’s properties.

Kody who was clearly frustrated with the whole thing said in his confessional, “She doesn’t want to listen, so I’m just going to cram it all in here, let’s just get this done. She’s proving she’s an independent woman now by telling me the best way to pack this. It bothered me to the core.”

Continuing, Kody said, “This is the end of an era for our family. She’s done. She’s gone. I have all these mixed feelings. I’m at this place where I can’t tell if I’m relieved Christine is going or if I’m disappointed with it.”

“She’s called me a lot of things since this happened. I think she called me a coward once and I was like, yeah, I’ve been a little cowardly. Maybe I should’ve told her I didn’t like her. But what I didn’t do, is I didn’t quit. Once this anger settles, I hope I feel differently. I hope it’s not heartbreak. I don’t want to experience heartbreak here.”

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