Kody Brown Says He And Janelle’s Boys Need Therapy

Sister WivesSister Wives Spoilers suggest that Kody Brown is once again seeking therapy to get along with his family. Kody is not speaking to Gabriel Brown and Garrison Brown and claims they need therapy.

Sister Wives – A Family At Odds

Sister Wives star Kody’s strict COVID rules have completely torn his family apart. Things have gotten so bad that Kody is not speaking to his sons Gabe and Garrison after their blow-up over his COVID rules. Kody says it’s one of those relationships that is going to take a lot of work.

In part two of the Sister Wives – One on One episode Kody tells Sukanya Krishnan how bad things have gotten with him and the boys. Kody gave the boys an ultimatum, their social life or him. Kody says that he makes the rules and they are supposed to follow them. Kody says the understands that the boys need a social life but COVID changed everything. Kody says the boys didn’t understand that they could not have a social life and still be around the family.

Where Kody Brown Stands

Sister Wives cast member Kody Brown says if the boys want to have a girlfriend, that is fine but they need to move out of Janelle’s house to have one. Kody says he cannot go home with the boys there since they aren’t socially distancing.

According to Sister Wives spoilers, Janelle disagrees with Kody and refuses to throw her boys out of their home. In Gabe’s eyes, his family, or his father, in this case, is so focused on being right that this is ruining his family. Both Gabe and Garrison feel that their father has abandoned them.

Kody Brown’s Solution On Sister Wives

What is Kody’s solution for his Sister Wives family? “We need therapy. I need a sit-down with my boys and get something straight, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so angry about what happened that we’re not communicating. And I think they are too.” Has therapy helped Kody in the past? Kody and Meri Brown are no longer together and they went to several therapy sessions. Kody wants someone to validate his strict COVID restrictions even though Kody revealed that he had COVID himself. So how did Kody contract COVID? Kody revealed he had COVID months ago. Janelle Brown revealed that Gabe and Garrison had it as well. Now Kody admits that his cure was worse than the disease. Kody may not have lost anyone to death but his family is in shambles.

Now Kody wants therapy, will his sons comply or are they done with Kody and his drama?

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