Sister Wives: Logan Marries Michelle Petty – Kody & Wives Attend

Sister Wives: Logan Marries Michelle Petty - Kody & Wives AttendSister Wives alum Logan Brown married his love, Michelle Petty on the weekend and all the wives attended. Kody Brown was also there and photos emerged via Janelle, Christine, Paedon, and Gwen Brown. Although none of those photos showed Meri, Kody, and Robyn Brown, photos leaked onto the internet confirming their presence.

Sister Wives – Logan Brown, The Oldest Child Marries

Logan used to be a fan-favorite as he stood in for his siblings during his dad’s absence. However, he dropped out of the TLC show when he studied and subsequently worked in Nevada. There, he started dating Michelle Petty, a nice person who once donated a kidney. Recently, fans saw that Janelle shared a photo of their first home, and now, after a long wait, they finally tied the knot.

Sister Wives fans wondered if Kody and Robyn attended the wedding. Given his rather bizarre behavior in season 17, many people assumed that he wasn’t there. Additionally, Meri took some heat as she didn’t share photos or appear in any of the other family pix. However, Redditors found some photos that were leaked. One of them showed Meri Brown at the after-party waving a sparkler. Actually, the photos go up and down like yoyos, so it’s not clear where they originated.

Sister Wives-  Logan Brown Wedding Photos Reveal Kody

Surviving photos that appeared on Instagram revealed that Kody and Robyn were also at the reception. Additionally, another one showed Robyn, her daughters, and Kody sitting in the congregation. However, TLC fans did notice something rather odd. Firstly, all the wives bar Robyn sat on the side reserved for Logan’s family. Meanwhile, Kody and Robyn sat on the side that represented Michelle.

Sister Wives Logan Marries Michelle Petty All The Wives Attended
Reddit SisterWives via @realiteasquad / Instagram

When @realitteasquad posted a photo of the Sister Wives stars at the wedding, they pointed out the seating arrangements. In the caption, they wrote, “All parents were in attendance for Logan and Michelle’s wedding (photo posted in subreddit /SisterWives) I labeled where everyone was seated.” Naturally, TLC fans discussed the seating as it seemed like a headscratcher.

Fans Debate The Separation Of Kody & Robyn

Some Sister Wives fans felt that because Robyn and Kody were separate from the other wives at Logan Brown’s wedding, that it confirmed all the wives had left him. One fan suggested, “Makes me think all the divorced ladies are at one side… also I was very surprised Meri was on the first [row].”

Another fan told the followers, “I watched a video on Snapchat that said they believe Kody had left meri and Janelle already.”

Of course, it’s not beyond belief that all the wives went away except for Robyn. Actually, fans have long predicted that might happen. What do you think was going on with those seating arrangements? Sound off in the comments below.

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