Sherri Shepherd Gets Fat-Shamed On Her Own Talk Show By Marlo Thomas!

Sherri Shepherd Gets Fat-Shamed On Her Own Talk Show By Marlo Thomas!Sherri Shepherd recently became the host of her own talk show. And in that role, she just faced an unplanned-for shocker when guest Marlo Thomas fat-shamed Sherri. Because of Marlo’s shade, even the talk show staff got upset!

Find out what Marlo shared that stunned the talk show host. And learn how her staff reacted. Get all the details below.

Marlo Thomas – Fat-Shames Sherri Shepherd On Her Talk Show

Sherri Shepherd can feel proud of her loyal staff. Because when they heard the talk show host’s guest Marlo Thomas fat-shame Sherri, the staff went into “mama bear mode,” insiders told Page Six. Marlo made her appearance on Tuesday to hype various projects, such as her new movie, “Magical Christmas Village.”

But Thomas’ plan to promote herself took a detour when she commented on Shepherd’s weight. And the talk show host’s staff reportedly felt appalled at Marlo’s comments. The fat-shaming occurred when the That Girl star recalled how the two met up in the past.

“I interviewed you for my AOL show [‘Monday’s with Marlo’],” noted Thomas. And then came the shade. “And you used to be a big woman!” added the actress. But the worst part of the fat-shaming occurred when Marlo put her hand around her figure and blew out her cheeks to mock Shepherd’s formerly larger size.

Sherri Shepherd – Reacts To Fat-Shaming After 35-Lb Weight Loss

However, Thomas didn’t stop there. And she gushed, “You’ve lost a lot of weight, but you’ve still got the boobies! That’s good,” added Marlo.

But Shepherd, who has shared her 35-pound weight loss, didn’t show any hostility. And she hugged Thomas at the end. However, Sheri’s staff made up for the talk show host’s decision not to criticize Marlo’s fat-shaming comments.

“Sherri was a good sport,” praised one insider. “But people [at the show] are very protective of her.” And the staff felt unhappy about Thomas fat-shaming the talk show host on national TV. “It was like a slap in the face,” added the source.

Insiders revealed that Shepherd has worked hard to create a positive work environment. And she values her employees’ morale. As a result, her loyal staff got “very vocal” about Marlo’s fat-shaming, shared the insider. 

And viewers commented on Marlo’s shocking comments as well. For instance, several turned to Twitter to remark. And one wrote, “At least you know @MarloThomas keeps it real… lmao I almost fell out my chair laughing.” But Shepherd kept her response light. “You never know what’s gonna happen on #Sherri!,”  joked the talk show host.

Tell us what you think. How do you react to Marlo Thomas commenting on Sherri Shepherd’s weight on the host’s own talk show? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.

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