Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Is Utterly Jealous Of Kate Middleton

Royal Family News: Gary Goldsmith Says Meghan Markle Is Utterly Jealous Of Kate MiddletonBritish Royal Family News says that Kate Middleton’s wayward uncle Gary Goldsmith believes that Meghan Markle might have simply been jealous of Kate Middleton all along and that’s why she’s said all of the things she’s said in Netflix’s docuseries, Harry and Meghan. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Gary Goldsmith Says Meghan Markle Is Utterly Jealous Of Kate Middleton

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Gary says that he watched the entire Netflix series and feels both “sullied and dirty”over it. He said, “The whole thing just beggars belief. To me, the series felt not only scripted and inauthentic, but unfair, self-interested, unreasonable and untrue — especially when done in the knowledge that William and Catherine could never answer back. They promised bombs, but it wasn’t exactly the Blitz was it? More like a series of hissy fits and throwing toys out of the pram.”

If that weren’t enough, Gary also hit back at Meghan’s claims that Kate is someone cold who doesn’t like giving or receiving hugs. He said, “As her uncle, I can tell you that this presentation of Kate as cold is just laughable. Everybody loves Kate, she is the most beautiful girl; even more beautiful on the inside than out. She’s got a big heart and desperately wants the boys to get back together. Y

ou could see that at the funeral of Prince Philip. When it was the three of them together you could see the bond. Kate is really welcoming and such a gorgeous girl, so to imply she’s cold was really hard, a bitter pill to swallow. If this is where Meghan starts, then there where is it going to end?”

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Not only that, but he also simply stated that Meghan is jealous of Kate. He said, “I think, if anything, it is Meghan who is jealous of Kate because she makes it look effortless — when it is, as Meghan discovered, such hard work. I think Kate is perfect for this job. She was born for it and the partnership she has got with William is fantastic.”

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