Prince William Tackles A Threat That Affects So Many Lives

Prince William Tackles A Threat That Affects So Many Lives
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Prince William’s first public speech following the death of the Queen saw him warn illegal wildlife hunters that they’ll be caught if they persist in continuing with their criminal activities and illegal killings of wildlife.

Prince William Tells Illegal Wildlife Hunters “You Will Face the Consequences”

Prince William gave a clear warning to criminal gangs involved in the illegal killing and trading of wildlife. Endangered species are being driven into extinction every year to cater to the $20 billion a year market surrounding the illegal activity.

In William’s first keynote speech as the Prince Of Wales, he reminded people about what’s at stake if we don’t take care of our natural environment. It was something, according to him, that his grandmother deeply cared about.

The engagement saw him continuing his work to end the illegal wildlife trade. This is coming after he hailed the arrest of Moazu Kromah as a positive step in the right direction. Kromah was charged with five years in prison for conspiring to traffic $7m of rhino horn and elephant ivory.

Prince William’s United For Wildlife foundation brought many organizations together to fight illegal wildlife trade and it was critical to the winning of the case against Moazu Kromah. 135 animals were killed for their parts.

Founded in 2014, United for Wildlife is dedicated to bringing together private companies, conservation organizations, and law enforcement for one cause – a show of strength against illegal wildlife crime.

Over 300 leading figures, including Lord Hague, who chairs the charity foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales, attended this year’s United for Wildlife Global Summit at London’s Science Museum.

Prince William’s Keynote Speech At The United for Wildlife Summit

The long-time advocate for environmental preservation and founder of the Earthshot Prize, Prince William, addressed the gathered crowd of individuals about the need to protect our “greatest assets”.

This is his first keynote speech after he canceled a visit to New York for an Earthshot-associated conference following the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

During his keynote speech, the 40-year-old said: “our natural world is one of our greatest assets. It is a lesson I learned from a young age, from my father and grandfather, both committed naturalists in their own right, and also from my much-missed grandmother, who cared so much for the natural world.

“In times of loss, it is a comfort to honor those we miss through the work we do”.

Prince William then promised that he is dedicated to fighting the “many criminals who believe they can act with impunity” leading to “too many lives being destroyed and too many species on the brink of extinction due to this heinous crime”.

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