Most Pointless Character Of 2022: General Hospital’s Austin Holt

General Hospital - Austin Holt General Hospital had the most pointless death of 2021, which somehow morphed into the most pointless character of 2022.

General Hospital Spoilers – Why Did General Hospital Kill Franco Baldwin ?

Killing off Franco Baldwin when he was one half of a very popular pairing never made sense, even if GH originally planned to bring Roger Howarth back as his One Life to Live character Todd Manning, as rumor has it. When those plans were nixed, GH had to do something with Howarth so they created a brand-new character for him who was related to the Quartermaines.

Yes, having Jimmy Lee Holt’s (Steve Bond) son on the canvas trying to claim his inheritance seemed like an interesting scenario, but that story was quickly dropped and now it’s easy to forget that Austin is a Q since it is never brought up. In fact, it feels like GH wants us to forget that part of Austin’s background.

To kill off a popular character to turn the actor into a Q and then ignore the fact that he is a Q is really the height of all ridiculousness and will never make sense.

GH Spoilers – Why Is Austin Holt Even On The Show?

GH could have turned Austin into Elizabeth’s new love interest since the chemistry between Howarth and Rebecca Herbst is a proven thing that works, but instead, he was shoved with Maxie Jones because she was left all alone when the soap finally rectified the Peter August (Wes Ramsey) debacle.

Howarth and Kirsten Storms have absolutely no chemistry with one another and we are not even sure what the two characters see in one another. Add in the fact that Austin and Kelly Thiebaud’s Britt have enormous chemistry, and it just adds to the reasons by Austin is so pointless. With Thiebaud leaving the show, we know GH is never going to go there.

Then, we have Austin’s mystery story where his cousin shows up every few weeks for the past six months telling him that he can’t go against their mysterious boss and has to keep treating these gunshot and stabbing victims on the sly. We still have no idea why and it feels like the writers don’t know either.

Austin definitely had potential when he was first introduced, but we do not see the point of him now. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see if the show ever brings back Franco and fixes its own fine mess.

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