Meghan Markle Reportedly Left The Royal Family Because She Didn’t Understand The Chain Of Command

Meghan Markle Reportedly Left The Royal Family Because She Didn't Understand The Chain Of CommandTom Bower’s bestselling book explained how Meghan’s naivety on what it means to play a supporting role in the Royal Family caused unnecessary conflict. Bower wrote that she wanted the spotlight and felt that only Hollywood could offer her the fame she was so hungry for.

Meghan Markle Felt Hollywood Would Offer Her A More Central Role

“Revenge” has been called a deep-dive into Harry and Meghan’s “psyches”. A few months after stepping down from the Royal Family, the pair sat down with Oprah and talked about their past 18 months at the Firm. The bombshell tell-all interview made headlin

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a million times from around the world. More than a year on, Meghan and Harry have been accused of not providing evidence to back up their claims. Basically, the Oprah interview was meant to be the Sussexes’ word against the Royals, that is, before Britain’s top investigative reporter decided to step in.

Bower Shared That Harry And Meghan’s “Scandalous” Oprah Interview Charged Him To Write The Book.

Mr Bower said: “I would not have written this book if she had not appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, I just thought that was so disgraceful what she said, what Harry said.

“I’m a monarchist and I just don’t think she should be allowed to say those things unchallenged. It was scandalous.

“So I embarked on this book actually to find out what sort of person launches that sort of unfair, untrue attack on the Royal Family.

“It was only by finding so many different aspects of her life that were not in the public domain that I could actually come to my conclusion.”

To complete the book, Bower met and spoke with people who have worked with Meghan, knew her, have come across her, and even close family members, most of whom she’s now estranged from.

Meghan Markle Married Into The Royal Family Because She Loved The “Status”

Biographer Tom Bower also analyzed the motive behind Meghan’s decision to leave her chef boyfriend in such a hurry to be with Harry.

“The book tells the truth about Meghan and I think that is very important to know the background and the motivation of a woman who clearly married into the Royal Family because she loved Harry, I don’t doubt that, but also because she likes the status.

“But in the end, very quickly, she discovered that she wasn’t going to get the status of number one, which is what she wanted.

“There is only one number one in the Royal Family and the rest of the family is there to support the Queen.

“Meghan did not understand why she was not in the spotlight and very quickly decided she would be better off in Hollywood.”

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