Lindsie Chrisley Hasn’t Seen Todd & Julie Since Sentencing, But Christmas Is On

Lindsie ChrisleyChrisley Family news reveals that though Lindsie Chrisley hasn’t seen Todd and Julie Chrisley since the couple was sentenced, it appears that she’ll be spending Christmas with them. Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Chrisley Family News – Parenting Takes Precedence

Chrisley Family news reveals, according to ET, Lindsie’s “original plans were to travel to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with her parents but she “had to make a decision as a mother over a daughter.” PEOPLE reports that, since Todd and Julie were sentenced to 12 and seven years respectively for financial crimes, she hasn’t spoken with them — but that is soon to change.

“I have not,” Lindsie, 33, said. “I had my son over Thanksgiving break and with the sentencing being a couple of days prior to Thanksgiving, emotions being very high, I, unfortunately, had to make a decision as a mother over a daughter and stayed home for Thanksgiving (via Daily Mail).”

Christmas, however, is an entirely different situation it seems “I do plan to spend the Christmas holiday with my parents,” Lindsie said. Up to now, Lindsie says she’s been “spending time with [her] parents over the phone.”

Todd And Julie Chrisley In Therapy And The Bible

The Chrisley Knows Best veterans were found guilty of committing fraud and tax evasion to the tune of around $30 million. Lindsie, who co-hosts Coffee Convos with MTV Teen Mom Kail Lowry, continued, “So, I don’t have the luxury of being able to just pick up and goto Nashville and be there until January.”

As for Todd and Julie, Lindsie said they “are definitely dedicating their time in therapy and their biblical studies as well as with their children.” Addressing what her parents are currently doing, she said they “are definitely dedicating their time in therapy and their biblical studies as well as with their children.”

Appeals Are Underway But The Chrisleys Must Stay

Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, were convicted in June, sentenced in November, and have been ordered to report to their respective federal prisons in Florida but January 17. Both have appealed their sentences but will still be required to stay in prison during the often-lengthy appeals process.

They will both be spending their time in Florida, but unfortunately two hours apart. They won’t see each other again for at least 12 years. They both were ordered to serve 16 months on probation following their release from prison.

“We are just focusing collectively on family at this point. We really aren’t venturing far from that,” Lindsie explains. “The focus is on family.” be sure and stay up to speed on this and other Chrisley-related stories. Return here often for more Chrisley Family news and updates.

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