Josh Duggar Appeal Claims He Was Restrained Without Handcuffs

Josh Duggar“19 Kids and Counting” alum Josh Duggar was arrested in April 2021 and stood trial in December. Currently, he’s incarcerated in Seagoville, FCI in Texas. In October this year, he filed his appeal to overturn his conviction for C-SAM-related crimes so he could get a new trial. Now, court documents revealed that one of the reasons in support of the appeal is that he claimed he was restrained although the feds didn’t use handcuffs.

Josh Duggar – Appeal Leads To Speculation

It’s taken a long time for anything to happen with the appeal by the former “19 Kids and Counting” star. That’s due to the fact that the court accepted there was a lot of evidence to plow through. Additionally, it took time before his legal team could comb through everything. As far as TLC fans can make out, he does see Anna in prison. However, he also met with his legal advisers. Certainly, it looks like they never stopped trying to shift the blame to Caleb Williams.

Part of the appeal submitted by Josh Duggar referred yet again to the registered sex offender, Caleb. Recall, he worked there at one stage, and the claim is that he could have accessed the computer remotely. Naturally, there was a lot of speculation because it’s not impossible that Caleb might have had access to passwords. However, the technicality of being restrained without handcuffs also seemed to feature prominently in the filing for an appeal.

Josh Duggar – Was Restrained But No Handcuffs Were used

According to court documents obtained by The Sun, the arrest took place on the property where the car lot was situated. Citing the filing documents, the outlet noted, “restraint is about more than being handcuffed. Duggar was placed in a police vehicle with two armed agents. He was told his attorney could not join him after he attempted to call counsel, and he had no access to a vehicle.”

Josh Duggar Appeal Claims He Was Restrained Without Handcuffs
The Sun via On The Kelsey News / Instagram

According to the legal team for Josh Duggar, the actions of the agents meant that he couldn’t just wander off. Admittedly, he was allegedly told he was “free to leave.” However, he would have had to walk. As the lot in Arkansas seems to be far from anywhere, that would have been unreasonable. He also claimed that the feds took his phone away, so he wasn’t able to call a lawyer.

Josh Duggar – Nothing Resolved For The TLC Star

At the moment, Josh Duggar remains in prison. Apparently, the prosecution is still working on opposing a new trial for him. During the trial, a lot of people talked about how his wife, Anna still maintains his innocence. Apart from claims that Caleb Williams did the crime, there were also reported claims that he was set up by the Biden Administration.

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