Jinger Duggar Instagram Challenges Dad Jim Bob Duggar’s Strict Rules For Women!

Jinger Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle Duggar famously required their “19 Kids And Counting” clan to follow very strict guidelines. And for their daughters, that included wearing modest dresses, skirts, and blouses. But recently, one of their girls defied those rigid rules. 

Find out how Jinger Duggar’s Instagram challenges the Duggar family rules. And see what Jinger’s fans think about her defiance. Catch up with Jinger Duggar below! 

Jinger Duggar – Flaunts Outfit That DEFIES Daddy Duggar!

Sorry, Jim Bob Duggar. But at 28, your daughter Jinger Duggar no longer feels that she has to stick to your rigid fashion rules. And the wife of Jeremy Vuolo proved that defiance by posting her new style choices on Instagram, pointed out the Sun. For instance, Jinger recently showed off her legs in a picture in which she wore thigh-high denim shorts. 

And the Duggar daughter’s decision to defy Jim Bob’s rules didn’t end there. The Duggar patriarch believes that women and girls should limit their style choices to dresses and skirts that cover their shoulders and knees. And then came Jinger, flaunting a revealing white blouse along with those shorts. Oops. 

But Jeremy Vuolo’s wife looked happier and healthier than she’s ever been, according to fans. And after Jinger shared an Instagram Story in which she grinned at the camera, her followers rushed to comment. In that social media post, the young woman let her hair flow, with a casual T-shirt showing her relaxed style.

Jinger Duggar – Fans Cheer Her New Style Defiance!

The alum of “19 Kids And Counting” and “Counting On” has “ditched her Stepford wife phase,” agreed fans on Reddit. As a result, Jinger Duggar’s followers feel that she looks ten years younger. And some joked about the difference. For instance, one fan wrote, “Look, a Duggar that looks their actual age. It’s a miracle!”

And others described Jinger as appearing “content and peaceful.” But some pondered how her brother Josh Duggar’s ongoing child porn scandal has impacted her. “She looks better here than she has for a while. I hope she’s doing okay after everything at the trial that came out,” chimed in another fan.

However, Jinger’s husband Jeremy Vuolo came in for his share of comments. And fans didn’t even try to seem kind. For instance, one wrote, “I’ve never noticed her ring…why do I feel like Jeremy is going to want to upgrade that thing to fit in with the mega church rich pastor vibes eventually? Can’t be having a small diamond since faith.” 

And another teased that Jeremy runs around flaunting his Rolexes on his wrist. “And she’s got that thing on her finger? With a band that doesn’t look like it even matches? He needs to up his showoff game or the other Church Ladies are going to be talking behind her back,” mocked Jinger’s follower. 

Tell us what you think. Do you feel surprised that Jinger Duggar has decided to defy her father Jim Bob Duggar’s rules? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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