GH Spoilers: Cody Considers Telling Britt the Truth About The Paternity Test

General Hospital - Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveals Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) always seems to be battling some kind of internal struggle. He never walks into a room holding his head high. He never seems to have any self-confidence, and it shows even more when he’s trying to prop himself up or defend his behavior.

When he and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) finally get the chance to talk about their big blowout, she’s going to come clean with him about where she was really coming from that day. As Cody is floored by the news of Britt’s terminal diagnosis, he won’t feel so great about the way he acted, or the fact that he’s lying to a dying woman. How can he stay in Britt’s life — or what’s left of it — while hiding the truth from her about who he really is?

General Hospital Spoilers — Britt Opens Up

Britt has given Cody the runaround enough now. He was one of the first people she considered sharing the truth with, but his immediate response as she attempted to open up was less than sympathetic. She tensed up and threw him out of her office. They haven’t really spoken since, and Britt has found some other clever ways to distract herself from how much she actually misses him — including planning a birthday party on New Year’s Eve.

GH Spoilers Tease Cody Wants To

When Cody overheard her talking about it and asked if he would be invited, it was really just his way of trying to open the door to a conversation with Britt again. Not only does he want to figure out what’s really going on with her, he wants her to know what is really going on with him, too. Cody is struggling with the secret that he’s made a mess of his entire life and what it could have been by lying and claiming Mac Scorpio (John J. York) isn’t his father when he actually is. Cody is hoping he can get back on solid ground with Britt and seek her advice on what to do about it now.

General Hospital Spoilers — A Game of Chicken

When Britt lets him back into her life, he’s going to know he’s on thin ice and better work hard to secure his spot there. However, this pair is going to start getting a little more cozy toward one another. Britt will give Cody a reason to stay in Port Charles after all, but she just might like the idea of taking off with him. However, she will know she can’t do that without telling him the truth about her terminal illness. Is this the right time, or will she scare him off? Will he tell her about his con, and that she was a part of it from the start? Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers to find out!

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