General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Digs Into Cody’s Past And Unearth’s Dante’s Instead

General Hospital - Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)General Hospital spoilers reveals Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) didn’t know when she told Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) she would help him out with his Society Setups legal snafu, that she would also be planting her feet firmling into relationship quicksand. Her budding union with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) just took flight when he and Rocco Falconeri (Finn Francis Carr) recently moved in with her and her kids. Is Sam’s investigation going to force a crash landing?

General Hospital Spoilers — Cody Bell’s Distant Past Isn’t The Problem

So far, Sam has only been digging into Cody’s current business dealings and how he’s spending his time. In fact, it’s remarkably surprising that she didn’t know he was potentially Mac Scorpio’s (John J. York) son before Mac said so himself in her presence. As Sam starts to dig into Cody’s past, she may have to start with the earliest information she has on him — that is, where he went to camp with Dante, and where they both lived. This could be the beginning of Sam finding some startling truths about crimes Cody allegedly committed.

GH Spoilers – Indicate Cody Bell’s Recent Past is Concerning

Cody’s past might be checkered with Dante’s mistakes that his pal chose to take the fall for, but it’s what Cody has been up to in the last few years that will raise the real red flags for Sam. As she puts on her P.I. hat and follows every lead she turns over, her gut instincts won’t steer her away when she unearths a familiar name in Cody’s recent past: Peter August (Wes Ramsey). What personal or professional business Cody might have had with Peter won’t come to light right away, but it will give Sam serious pause about Cody’s sudden interest in Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) as soon as he got to town. Since Sam knows about the necklace Britt found in Peter’s last effects, it’s going to dawn on her that he may just be looking for the jewels — and she’ll hope that’s all it is.

General Hospital Spoilers — Dante Falconeri Could Lose Sam McCall

While Sam is busy turning over every stone in pursuit of the truth about Cody, she will also come to find Cody has a criminal record no one has talked about — not even Dante. Sam will find it very puzzling that Dante never mentioned his old friend did time behind bars. Why wouldn’t the good cop speak up about this, especially knowing Mac is on the verge of welcoming him into his family? Will Dante have to come clean with Mac, Sam, and the rest of his family just so Cody can embrace his own? Stay tuned for more GH news, updates, and spoilers up next!

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