B&B Spoilers: Lauren Arrives In LA – Kimberlin Brown’s Run Ending?

The Bold And The Beautiful - Lauren Fenmore BaldwinThe Bold and the Beautiful spoilers document that Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey Bregman) is teased to soon travel to Los Angeles, California. That indicates Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) will come in contact with her greatest mortal enemy for the first time in decades.

Crossover fans from The Young and the Restless have anticipated a rematch between Bregman and Brown’s characters since 2006. That was the most recent year that Brown portrayed Sheila on Y&R.

Bregman was last seen on B&B in 2007. Prior to that, she first crossed over from Y&R in 1992 and enjoyed an extended run that included romances with Ridge Forrester (then played by Ronn Moss) and his adoptive father, Eric Forrester (John McCook).

Te Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Michelle Stafford Did Not Play Sheila Carter

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers on Y&R) was believed to have played Sheila in 2007. Viewers and characters in the plot were led to believe that Sheila had radical plastic surgery after been badly hurt after a building collapsed.

The reason viewers thought Sheila had plastic surgery is because she was seen at a plastic surgeon’s office. Stafford began playing what appeared to be a dual role and was eventually shot by Lauren and assumed killed. Stafford’s original character, Phyllis, also appeared in the dramatic scene.

The Sheila character was not seen on Y&R or B&B since 2007. That made sense, as she was presumed dead. However, Sheila reappeared in the form of Brown in 2017 and was asked about her apparent death. She denied the so-called rumors, laughed it off, and the topic was not revisited to any significant degree.

B&B Spoilers – Sheila Carter Is A Lunatic

Sheila is currently presumed dead again. She faked extermination by establishing a scenario where a bear is said to have eaten her in the woods.

Brown’s character cut off one of her toes, leaving it behind to satisfy Ridge’s (now played by Thorsten Kaye) need for blood proof. Her plan worked, with everyone believing Sheila was no more.

Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) knows different, as Sheila sought him in disguise. Her Lina garb fooled Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), who recently crossed over from Y&R in search of information she felt Deacon could provide about Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters).

Of course, Sheila could easily use the Lina persona to be in Lauren’s presence. But would she go undetected?

Te Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Lauren Fenmore Baldwin’s Life Endangered

It has always been strange to think that the Forrester family, Eric in particular, would not have immediately contacted Lauren when Sheila reappeared in Los Angeles, California, in 2007. That apparently did not happen because Lauren never mentioned it on Y&R, which made no sense.

To claim that the sister shows exist in their own soapy worlds, which is why Lauren would not be aware of Sheila’s existence, is not plausible. The multiple crossovers prove that theory false.

B&B and Y&R fans are being asked to suspend disbelief to the arguably greatest degree they ever have been before. Lauren should be written into revealing that Sheila is still alive. It would be the ultimate vindication moment.

Lauren’s life would be endangered. John Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) and Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) should also be directly involved in this plot line. This projection, if realized, could also mean that B&B is building toward the end of Brown’s run. But might Sheila’s days also definitively come to an end?

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