Amber Heard Shares Photos She’s Taken Of Johnny Depp PASSED OUT

Amber Heard As a result of the photographic evidence submitted by Amber Heard and her defense team, pictures of Johnny Depp “passed out” on the couch have been leaked to the press.

According to Johnny Depp’s team, the actor was just tired in those pictures and not actually out cold as was purported by Heard’s team.

Amber Heard Brings – Out The Big Guns To Support Her Claims Johnny Depp Assaulted Her

In one of the photos provided by Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is seemingly lying passed out on a black couch with a melting ice cream in hand.

The image also shows glimpses of drugs and intoxicating substances on the coffee table next to him.

Once the image was presented to the court, Depp explained the circumstances leading to the sordid image, quipping: “I wasn’t participating in the festival of ice cream.”

Per a report published by TMZ, he also snidely targeted Heard for taking the image, saying: “That was a wonderful picture for her to take, she snapped it. Passed out is an interesting way of putting it. I was asleep.”

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor then explained that the picture was taken after he returned from a 17-hour workday and took prescription opioids to “sleep better”.

Amber Heard  – Another Image

Another image, showcasing Depp’s alleged stash of marijuana was also shared as evidence. The photographic evidence ended with a picture of Amber Heard’s bruises.

Heard previously claimed to hide these bruises with Milani’s All in One Correcting kit, which she said she carried around in her purse in case she needed to top up and keep the bruises from showing.

However, the Cosmetics company called her out on the improbability of her claims, saying that the same line she claimed to use for years was indeed launched in 2017, the year her marriage with Depp famously fell apart.

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