90 Day Fiance TMI Alert: Mother Debbie Spreads Her Legs

Debbie Johnson90 Day Fiance spoilers for 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 revealed that Mother Debbie Johnson still looks for love. Now there’s nothing in the rule book that says a woman of 70 can’t enjoy some rumpy-pumpy. But really, for many fans, it’s TMI when they see it going down on TLC. Especially as they still can’t unsee Kim and Usman cavorting around.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers  – About Mother Debbie Jonson’s New Man

In Season 2 of The Single Life, TLC fans saw that Colt’s mom had a makeover and then set off in pursuit of a lover. Well, it didn’t work out for her, and TLC fans who love her felt sad. Meanwhile, others thought that she tried too hard by dressing up as lamb. Remember, she and Colt went to San Diego to meet a guy named Bill. Both Colt and her friend, Audrey thought it really odd that they hadn’t even FaceTimed each other or done any sexting.

With the return of the 90 Day Fiance star in Season 3 of The Single Life, it looks like she tossed the cautious attitude in favor of way too much PDA. Back in April, rumors arose that she found a new man who wore his grey hair long. Seen in Costco, the photo soon made its way to Reddit. More recently, it seems that she and the same guy visited Canada together. And unfortunately, the closeup scenes of TMI on the show seem to reveal that the same person didn’t hold back in the bedroom.

90 Day Fiancé – Mother Debbie Jonson Spreads Her Legs

In the TLC show, Mother Debbie rolled around on the bed with Mr. Desperately Passionate and at one stage she opened her legs wide. Anyway, fans took to Reddit to discuss the footage that really would have been best behind a closed door. Redditor u/Trash_Trashley started the conversation with a screenshot. In their caption, they wrote, “Lord have mercy, TSL got us watching Debbie p0rn.”

90 Day Fiance TMI Alert Mother Debbie Spreads Her Legs
The Single Life via u/Trash_Trashley / Reddit

90 Day Fiance fans were very vocal about what they had seen. Here is a small sample of their comments:

No one needs to see this. Ever. And then never. To infinity.

I know!!!! I had to look away. Definitely TMI! … For goodness sake, close the door!

I was watching this with headphones in and the kissing/moaning sounds made me want to throw up.

This hurts my eyes, as she goes in the bed, she opens her legs, she is so desperate.

 feel horrible for the camera-people filming this…imagine thinking “This is what I went to film school for” 😱

THIS is the first episode I watched on the new, billboard sized tv. What a terrible day to have eyes.”

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – More TMI Comments About Classaction

90 Day Fiance fans are not all complaining, and some folks joked about the bedroom scene. One of them suggested that because they were inflicted with the horrible sight, they should bring a “classaction” lawsuit against Debbie. Not to mention TLC. Joking, another one suggested they could sue her twice: “We can sue Debbie twice. Once for the sexy stuff and the other for making Coltee.”

That came after someone commented on Colt in a previous season. They said, “I want to include Coltee in that suit since I saw his red underwear pic with ZERO mental preparation.”

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