90 Day Fiance Star: Darcey Silva’s Newest Video Worries Fans

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Darcey Silva's Newest Video Worries Fans90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that the newest video from Darcey Silva has her fans incredibly worried about what is going on with her lately. She shares a lot on her Instagram account and now it looks like this video has really gotten some of her followers concerned.

The Newest Post

The latest update from Darcey was a video of her looking pretty confused. Although, some of her fans think she looks very drunk. As usual, Darcey has used many filters on her face, and even though she has had tons of plastic surgery, she still feels the need to do so. This video has her turning her hair and face toward the camera and playing with her hair. Her eyes are pretty close, but when she opens them, she does look intoxicated.

Darcey and her sister, Stacey Silva, love to show off their bodies and faces all over social media. When they are not on their TLC show, they are working on their boutique and traveling around the world. Darcey is actually one of the highest paid TLC stars to date. So why is she posting these kinds of videos?

Fan Reactions

As soon as her fans saw this video, they were just as confused as everyone else. Her face looks very distorted and she looks pretty drunk, according to some fans. While she was filming, one fan also noticed that the filter she was using was sliding on and off of her face. This looked really tacky to us all. There were other fans that pointed out that she looked like she was ready to pass out and some that asked the question “Is she trying to look sexy?”

No matter what look Darcey is giving, her fans are showing a lot of concern for her after seeing this video. Is she doing ok or is this her way of reaching out? We all know that she has been single now for a while and trying to focus on her family, but if she is drinking like this, she may need some extra help.

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