90 Day Fiancé Alum Yazan Reveals Real Reason For Brittany Split

90 Day Fiancé alum Yazan Abu Horira revealed real reason for split from Brittany Banks
Yazan Abu Horira [Image @yazan_abuhurira/Instagram ]

The relationship between Yazan and Brittany was doomed from the start and he has now revealed the real reason for the split.

Fans will no doubt recall the relationship between Yazan Abu Horira and Brittany Banks on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. In fact, their rocky relationship was doomed from the start due to major cultural differences. Now that Yazan is married and is a father to a baby daughter, he has revealed exactly why he and Brittany split.

90 Day Fiancé alums Yazan Abu Horira and Brittany Banks

In the comments section of a recent Instagram post, Yazan Abu Horira has opened up on exactly why he and Brittany split. The couple first met some time ago when Brittany Banks spotted Yazan on a video call with his sister, who lived in her mother’s house in Chicago. Brittany, 28, an aspiring rapper, was immediately attracted to the handsome Jordanian, an engineering student with a conservative Muslim background. This led to many problems between the pair, including language, religion and cultural differences.

Yazan and Brittany went on to star on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way and fans knew from the start that this relationship would fail. For one thing, Brittany is an Instagram influencer who posts provocative images. This led Yazan’s family of accusing her of being a prostitute. At one stage, Yazan was scared that his family would kill him if he continued being with Banks. Meanwhile, they stayed together until the end of that season but did not appear in a Tell-All, so it wasn’t clear if they were still together.

90 Day Fiancé alum Yazan Abu Horira revealed real reason for split from Brittany Banks
Yazan Abu Horira and daughter Juliana [Image @yazan_abuhurira/Instagram ]

However, that question was answered when Yazan revealed his surprise engagement to a woman named Leena in April 2021. The couple went on to welcome a baby daughter in April this year. Yazan recently shared a beautiful image of himself standing next to his daughter, Juliana, in a stroller. He captioned the image, “I couldn’t ask for a better gift from Allah.”

While most of his followers congratulated him on his beautiful image, others wanted to know what happened with Brittany. One follower commented, “So glad you got away from that American girl.” This led to a lively thread of comments with one follower asking “what’s wrong with Americans? You mean the old slime ball that he was using? Lol.”

Having spotted the comments, Yazan responded, to clarify the situation, writing:

One there’s nothing wrong with Americans. Please don’t take it as I was using her. We’re two people with different personalities that didn’t work out.

90 Day Fiancé alum Yazan Abu Horira revealed real reason for split from Brittany Banks
[Image @yazan_abuhurira/Instagram ]

In other comment threads, Yazan also responded, including a comment about the baby that read: “That’s something that fake a** spoiled B couldn’t give you!” The 90 Day Fiancé alum responded, writing that he loves his wife and wouldn’t compare her with anyone else, writing: “The past is the past.”

Adam the translator revealed Yazan’s engagement

90 Day Fiancé fans will recall that it was actually Yazan’s translator, Adam Lezbo, who revealed on 90 Day Bares All that he hadn’t just moved on from Brittany, but was actually engaged to another woman. No doubt fans will recall that Adam became quite the fan favorite while starring on the show for his sense of humor.

However, from then on, fans started noticing posts about a woman called Leena on Yazan’s Instagram. Some followers even inferred that the former TLC reality star was lying to make Brittany jealous.

Meanwhile, in a later episode, Yazan confirmed that he had met Leena online and that she was a 21-year-old student living in Tennessee. At that stage, it looked like Yazan was planning a move to the US, but it seems Leena has been staying in Jordan since their wedding.

It is clear from his Instagram posts that Yazan’s English has improved a lot since his time on 90 Day Fiancé. Judging by his recent images and posts, the former reality star is living happily with his lovely wife and daughter, although she seems a little shy with the camera.

Meanwhile, Brittany has clearly also moved on and is now working as a marketing expert and has completed a real estate course. It sounds like her rapper days are in her past.

Congratulations and all best wishes to Yazan, Leena and baby Juliana, and also to Brittany in her new career.

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