90 Day Fiance Alum Paul Staehle Explores Same Sex Intimacy

Paul Staehle90 Day Fiance alum Paul Staehle was thought to be dating a young Brazillian woman. However, it now turns out that he is busy exploring a same-sex relationship with another guy. Blogger Josh Yates interviewed him Live on YouTube, and the news emerged nearly an hour into the discussion. So, John proposed jokingly that they should have a “foursome” for Paul’s OnlyFans.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Paul Staehle Chats Live With John Yates

Paul seldom lets down the audience with his sometimes crazy behavior. Anyway, the rumors run around that he’s making out with a young woman in Brazil while Karine tears her heart out over the kids. If you don’t know, they were taken by CPS. According to Paul, the reality of not having the kids made her catch a wake-up call. Meanwhile, he’s not in the USA as he’s wanted for kidnapping his son Pierre. But he claims it’s simply a misdemeanor and other “petty” charges.

When John Yates shared on Instagram that 90 Day Fiance alum Karine is allegedly involved with a guy formerly engaged to Yolanda, who came out as gay, it was a bit of a shocker. However, John also shared the news in another post that Paul apparently tried the gay experience for himself. So, fans went off to his YouTube to check it out. There, they waded through Paul talking about the kids and Karine before they got to the bit about him trying out same-sex intimacy.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Alum Paul Admits To Same-Sex Act

For once, fans saw that John Yates literally didn’t know how to question Paul about exploring same-sex with another guy. However he finally very tactfully got Paul to admit that he made love to another guy on his OnlyFans. If you wonder who he is, it turned out to be “Karine’s cousin.” John told him not to be shy as he “does that every day.”

90 Day Fiance Alum Paul Staehle Explores Same Sex Intimacy
John Yates / YouTube

90 Day Fiance fans heard that Paul claimed the experience was “funny.” But then, TLC folks sometimes wonder about Paul’s sense of fun. After all, he calls himself a “comedian” on his Instagram profile, but not many people laugh at his posts. Apparently, a subscriber had sent the news to John after watching it go down.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – TLC Fans React In The YouTube Comments

90 Day Fiance follower Dee Sun saved everyone from listening to Paul about his sometimes “delusional” takes on the kids and Karine. Dee wrote, “51:10 is where the part starts that you came here looking for. You’re welcome.” You can find it in the video below.

Meanwhile, CG wondered,Who in the hell is paying to see Paul on only fans?!? ?.”

Another fan wrote, “Word on the street…Paul came out as gay with Karini’s boy cousin.” However, others agree that working in the industry of Only Fans is just a job. One of them wrote hopefully, “CPS is awful. Paul and K will get it together. They are just messy right now.”

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