Will Anna Duggar Get Conjugal Visits With Josh – What About The Victims?

Anna DuggarAnna Duggar potentially faces a very long time without her husband Josh in her life. The mom of seven kids stood by him so loyally during his child porn trial, that many Counting On fans suggested her father-in-law made her. However, she possibly had little choice. Perhaps, life without her husband was so unthinkable, that she was in denial. Or, perhaps the legal team suggested it might help sway the jury. Well, he goes into a federal prison after his sentencing in April. So, will she be able to enjoy conjugal visits? And, right now, does her mind turn towards the victims of child porn, and her sisters-in-law who suffered his molestation?

Anna Duggar – Thinks About Victims Of Child Porn?

When the parents of Josh made their statement they mentioned the victims of those children abused for child pornography. It read, “Our hearts and prayers are with anyone who has ever been harmed through CSAM (child sex abuse material).” Well, that didn’t sit too well with many Counting On fans who felt Jim Bob never did enough to protect his own young daughters when Josh admitted that he molested them. It’s unlikely that Anna never heard about the molestation, but it’s not likely that she ever watched any porn herself. So, did the trial open her eyes to the shocking nature of CP?

Anna Duggar saw her husband taken away into custody without bail when the jury found him guilty. Apparently, he now sits in protective custody in Washington until his sentencing. That comes in April of 2022. So, there is some speculation that she might not be able to visit him for the next four months. Whatever happens in April, he probably serves time in federal prison. So, possibly she hopes for conjugal visits. That’s if the details of the trial didn’t shock her to the core. Perhaps fans will never know her real feelings, as the Duggar clan seem very secretive about her at the moment. Additionally, no official statement came from her.

Anna Duggar – Won’t Be Able To Enjoy Conjugal Visits With Josh Duggar

InTouch Weekly reported that Anna won’t be able to pop along to a federal, prison so that Josh can enjoy his conjugal rights. Nobody knows how she feels about that, and probably won’t ever hear about it from her mouth. The outlet noted, “Josh Duggar will be banned from having conjugal visits with wife Anna Duggar (née Keller) if he is sentenced to any time in prison.” They checked the rules about it and added, “The Federal Bureau of Prisons does not permit conjugal visits, which is private time that an inmate may spend with a spouse, according to their website.” Well, TLC fans don’t yet know how long Josh might be inside a federal prison, but it seems very likely that he will go away for a substational number of years.

Will Anna Duggar Get Conjugal Vists With Josh - Does She Think About The Victims

Anna Duggar might also be a victim of Josh in a way. After all, if he didn’t possess child abuse materials, she wouldn’t face a bleak future. However, she probably disagrees that too much mercy is cruelty. After all, her own kids practically have no dad for the time being. Well, all she can hope for is that the sentencing isn’t as harsh as predicted. That’s unless she now realizes just how abusive CP is on kids. Does she turn her mind to the innocent victims?

Anna Duggar – Reportedly Josh Duggar’s Wife Prays For The Victims

Anna Duggar, according to a source that InTouch cited, “is trying to think about and pray for the innocent victims.”

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