The J-Rod Is No More: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Going Their Separate Ways

Is it safe to say that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are the most rooted for celebrity couples that are supposed to show fans a lifetime of ‘happily ever after’? When Jennifer Lopez, or J-Lo for the fans, which I am, started dating Alex Rodriguez, her fan base was over-the-moon thrilled for her that she finally found that special someone who could be her “only one seen in a lifetime.”

But following recent reports, Jennifer Lopez would need to search a little further than Alex Rodriguez to find that “one love.” There is a chance that they could get back together, but according to sources, that chance is so slim it’s almost invisible.

According to CNN, a source revealed that the couple had actually split several weeks ago, “It doesn’t seem like they will get back together,” the source revealed, adding that Rodriguez has been out socializing in recent weeks without Lopez, who is usually by his side.

Jennifer Lopez  – Not Just Any Breakup

It is true that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are not married and do not share any child between them, which should make breaking up a lot less complicated, but their tied business ventures may prove harder to decouple than their personal lives.

According to People magazine, the breakup was “a long time coming,” but it was their business affairs that made things a bit sticky. “They are tied in their business worlds so it’s not a cut-and-dry breakup,” the source added, “It’s taken a while for them to even think about untangling it all.”

It would have been made harder still if the couple’s bid to buy MLB’s New York Mets last year went through. Though the deal would have seen Lopez and Rodriguez making separate investments, it will still prove to be a huge mess to get out of.

However, there are still a number of successful joint ventures that the couple are heading together. Lopez, 51, and Rodriguez, 42, both share investments in the self-care company Hims & Hers and also collaborated with the fitness app Fitplan to offer fitness coaching, according to Page Six.

But even outside of business, the couple are still tangled together in their real estate investments in New York and Florida.

Less than a year ago, in August, the couple jointly purchased a $33 million mansion on Star Island in Miami. It’s clear that they would need lawyers to help them untangle their jointly-owned assets. “There have been frantic meetings at A. Rod Corp in the past few days about how to divide their assets. Jennifer and Alex were in business together on many business projects and real estate deals,” a source told Fox Business.

“Find a good reason to laugh today,” JLo tells fans

The couple have been together for more than three years and the split comes just after their wedding plans have been postponed twice already, but according to Lopez, the wedding was put off for obvious reasons due to the pandemic. She also commented that “there’s no rush,” and that the wedding will happen “when the time is right.”

In a recent interview, Lopez revealed that she and Rodriguez had to see a therapist while quarantining together, but looking at the current events, it sadly wasn’t enough.

Lopez has 12-year old twins from her former husband Marc Anthony, while Rodriguez is the father of two daughters with his ex Cynthia Scurtis.


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