The Daily Show Trevor Noah Is Stupendously Wealthy!! : His Net Worth Finally Unveiled

Trevor NoahThe Daily Show host’s earnings leave one wondering if making money is that easy. Trevor who is renowned for his jokes that leave the audience laughing uncontrollably has a net worth, no one would think of as a joke.

In 2019, the Grammys award host of 2021 occupied the fourth position on Forbes list of richest comedians. This affirms that the Daily Show host is amongst the big players of Hollywood that earn heavily every year. Curious about his current net worth? Please read on.

According to findings by various news outlets early this year, the political analyst’s net worth is pegged at $100 million. The figure includes his salary from the Daily Show, which is pegged at eight-figures. It also includes over $14 million he garnered from Comedy tours a few years ago.

How Did He Amass Such Wealth?

Trevor always has a tight schedule. When the Comedian is not on The Daily Show, narrating recent happenings, he is looking up different means to grow his brand. Inasmuch as he has few Netflix specials to his credit (Son of Patricia, Afraid of the Dark), his 2016 book, ‘Born a crime’ pushed him to the limelight. This is because the book earned a spot on the coveted Bestsellers list of the New York Times.

Forbes while commenting on his inclusion in the 2019 list, revealed that the Comedian made a substantial part of the year’s income from stand up, which made him qualified for the list. Trevor occupied the fourth spot while Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jim Gaffigan occupied the first, second, and third spots respectively.

What Motivated Trevor To Venture Into Comedy?

Trevor whilst interviewed by Harvard Business Review as regards his success story, revealed he always felt pleased whenever he made people laugh. He further opined that he was always thrilled whenever he performed, till he was paid by someone to perform on a professional basis. He, however, noted that he loved performing before he received his first payment and thus, the payment affirmed he was truly made for the field.

Trevor, when interviewed on how he landed Daily Show gig, credited Jon Stewart for his role. He opined that Stewart and executives of the Daily Show after seeing his comedic chops, reached out to him expressing their desire to work with him.

However, this meeting took place before he finally secured the TV gig that got him his first Emmy award. After his initial meeting with Jon and executives of the show, Trevor affirmed that Jon reconnected with him, asking him to keep in touch with him, which Trevor obliged. Thus, when Trevor had a few shows in New York, he had more access to Daily Show’s team, which in no small measure, solidified their relationship.

Subsequently, he worked on few pieces and the team sought to incorporate him into the show. When Jon eventually left the show, and the team, needed a new host, Trevor’s name made it to their ‘replacement list’ before he was chosen later on.

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