Savannah Chrisley Shades Nic Kerdiles On Instagram?

Growing Up ChrisleySavannah Chrisley stars in Growing Up Chrisley and Chrisley Knows Best on the USA Network. On Growing Up, fans see that Nic Kerdiles features again. It came after they split. Recall, Savannah seemed desperately unhappy after that. However, she gives him a second chance now. But, fans might think she just warned him off and shaded him on her Instagram Stories.

Growing Up Chrisley  – Savannah Chrisley And Nic Kerdiles

Fans felt terribly sad when Nic and Savannah split. However, the actual details never emerged. Growing Up Chrisley fans saw that she comforted herself by eating high carb foods. However, she then threw herself into her new cosmetics business, Sassy by Savannah. Later, she told her fans on Instagram that she thinks about a future life with Nic. TV Shows Ace noted that Savannah even joked about the possibility of kids. Probably, she does think about raising her own kids in years to come.

Savannah Chrisley spoke with E! News and explained that she and Nic keep things on the down-low and off social media. She told E that they just decided to “keep things a little more private,” indicating that she’s come to a place in her life where she places greater value in her privacy but that they’re “just taking it day by day.” Well, fans hear very little these days, so, they have to guess quite where the Growing Up Chrisley couple stands right now

Growing Up Chrisley – Chase Chrisley Shared A Post With Savannah Chrisley

Chase Chrisley posted up something on Instagram that Savannah reacted to. The slide said, “I love dominant men but at the same time if a man tells me what to do I’ll bodyslam him.” Savannah reacted by writing a caption over it that said, “My brother knows me.” Then she tagged Chase. Unfortunately, as it was on Stories, fans can’t actually comment on it. In fact, Savannah seldom shares much outside of her business on her main Instagram these days.

Did Savannah Chrisley Shade Nic Kerdiles On Instagram Stories

Savannah Chrisley seems to keep her relationship very quiet and many fans don’t blame her. However, fans of the shows know that they struggled with Todd. He seemed more interested and keen on them marrying than they were themselves. A lot of critics felt that he possibly pressured them too much. In the meantime, plenty of others simply hope that this time, it all comes right for the couple. While they might not marry soon, one day, fans hope for the nuptials and even children.

Growing Up Chrisley  – Did She Shade Her Boyfriend?

Perhaps Savannah just joked about bodyslamming Nic. Fabs can’t really say, so what do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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