Royal Family News: Prince William And Kate Walk The Walk Unlike Prince Harry And Meghan

William And Kate British royal family news reveals that today is the tenth-year anniversary of Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge and Kate Middleton. Everyone is rooting for this down-to-earth, gracious couple who represent the future of the monarchy. It is a heavyweight on their shoulders but they have sailed through so far making the hard look easy. There is no reason to think the ship will sink.

According to royal watcher Dan Wooten, “Sure, it hasn’t been easy and there have been significant bumps in the road, but I now truly believe they will break the royal marriage curse and stay together for as long as they are both alive.”

Royal Family News – The Cambridges Are A Solid Unit

The last ten years, particularly the last few have rocked the royal boat and the couple has been in the crosshairs of the monarchy’s enemies: two of their family members, Harry and Meghan.

And yet, “Despite the chaos of Megxit, the shame of Prince Andrew and the pain of losing Prince Philip, William and Kate are more confident in their role. They have a plan, they’re going to stick to it and by God they’re going to have some fun along the way.”

Wooten adds, “What’s most impressive is they’ve done it their way: Combining the traditional need for the public to feel like they’ve had their pound of flesh while raising a young family in a thoroughly modern way.”

Royal Family News -The Cambridges Celebrate Their Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Case in point is their recent royal event held at a farm in Durham. Kate gamely took a swing at a golf ball only to miss completely. They both roared with laughter and the bystanders loved every minute of their earthiness.

At the same time, they managed to bring attention to the Cheesy Waffles Project. It is a charity that supports County Durham citizens with additional needs, from age seven to 35.

Wotten makes a valid point in comparing the Cambridges to the so-called Duke and Duchess of Sussex, “who decided early on that a life of royal engagements supporting charities up and down the UK was below them.”

“I certainly can’t imagine Meghan mucking around with golf clubs on a bitter North East day in the cold.”

Royal Family News – The Sussexes Are Far Removed From the UK

As Harry and Meghan natter on about happiness and responsibility from the confines of their exclusive California mansion, Kate and William walk the walk. It makes many thankful that William is the heir and Harry the spare part an ocean away.

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