Royal Family News: Prince Harry Was Tense With Kate Middleton After Her ‘Row’ With Meghan

Prince HarryBritish royal family news reveals that one royal watcher has gone back in time to analyze Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex’s composure, or lack of it, with Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge weeks after he tied the knot with Meghan Markle.

According to one body language expert, he appeared “ill-at-ease” and “stern” beside Kate Middleton while both were on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The analysis comes after the bombshell interview the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had with Oprah Winfrey, in which they cast his family in all sorts of bad lights.

In particular Meghan claimed that Kate made her cry during the “stressful” flower girl dress fitting before her wedding in 2018.

Royal Family News – Who Made Who Cry?

Even though it was widely reported at the time, including by the Telegraph’s Associate Editor Camilla Tominey, that Meghan was the one who left Kate in tears, Meaghan boasted to Oprah that Kate had sent her flowers to apologize.

Three weeks after the Sussex’s wedding Meghan and Harry made their first Buckingham Palace balcony appearance as a married couple for the Queen’s birthday and according to body language expert Judi James, there were very visible signs of tension between the prince and his sister-in-law.

Royal Family News – Was There Tension On The Balcony?

Following Meghan’s allegations in the Oprah interview, Judi re-examined the appearance and said Harry’s behavior looked “completely different” from previous Trooping the Colour events.

She told Daily Star, “If you compare historic footage or shots of Kate and Harry on the balcony where they have looked animated, friendly and as though they are having fun, his behavior here looks completely different, suggesting tension.”

“Kate comes out and chats happily with Camilla while Harry and Meghan walk out to stand behind her.”

Royal Family News – One Analyst Sees Tension Between The Royals

She adds, “There is no attempt by Harry in these shots to chat or joke with his sister-in-law or to join her as he has in previous years and his frowning facial expression looks dour and ill-at-ease.”

“When Kate looks back to the front she sucks her lips in, which is often seen as a gesture of regret. Harry seems to mirror this by using a wiping hand gesture of his mouth.”

The expert noted that in her eyes Harry looked “frosty” and smiled only when he talked to Meghan.

“We can see two more moments of Kate turning her head to communicate with Meghan,” Judi explained. Her expression is hidden but there seems to be no animated or friendly responses here, particularly from a frosty-faced Harry. Harry does smile in these clips but only when he talks to his wife.”

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