Justin Bieber Reinvents His Sound In Justice

Justin Bieber Don’t hold your breath cause we are not done hearing about, or even seeing, Hailey in this record, and as for Bieber finding his spirituality and happiness, we go deeper into those facets of his belief that was kind of skimmed off the top in the last album.

I mean, it was pretty obvious that we would be served with the whole Hailey’s-the-best-ever again in this new album with the release of the single Anyone, whose video remake featured the very woman who inspired the song. Let’s be honest, Bieber is pretty transparent with his choices, because he damn well told us, “If it’s not you (Hailey), it’s not anyone.”

Justin Bieber  News – Justice for Changes?

One thing that first hit me when I was listening to the album was the number of guest appearances in this new album, is there anyone that Bieber didn’t feature? Actually the guest appearances were only three more than those appearing on his last album Changes, I legit think there’s only 7 songs from the album’s 15 tracks plus 3 exclusive tracks (that is if you’re not counting the MLK Interlude) where we got to hear Bieber perform alone. Personally, I’m not complaining about that.

Already, the ratings for this album are much stronger than the ratings for Bieber’s last one Changes, and many are already referring to it as his best album yet. The album’s cheeky opening line for Deserve You “It’s hard to believe I’m the person you think I am,” could be Bieber talking to Hailey as much as he is addressing the world.

I’m thinking Bieber’s vibe in this new album is ‘I’m no longer trying to impress, but to sing and write whatever I feel and want.’ With the single Lonely, Bieber reproached the media as well as his fans with the line, “And everybody saw me sick, and it felt like no one gave a shit.” Ouch!

It took him 5 years to go from Purpose to Changes, and then a year and one month later, Justice was brought forth into the world. Bieber is known for his voice that can emotionally tell its story to anyone listening, and he capably did that in this album. While some songs on this album sounds to me like spillovers from Changes, Bieber was certainly more bold in this album and didn’t maintain one particular structure throughout the album.

The album is honest, though it provided the audience with another obsession with Hailey for like half of it, (come on, now there’s a song on the album named Hailey?)

Only time will tell if it will have a strong performance on the charts, especially with Lana Del Rey’s fans promising to give it a hot chase.

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