Days 2 Weeks Spoilers: Chanel Tells Allie To Dump Tripp, Admits She Has Romantic Feelings

Days Of Our Lives: Chanel Dupree (Precious Way), Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) Days of Our Lives (DOOL) 2 weeks spoilers for the week of July 12 reveal that Chanel Dupree (Precious Way) makes a bold statement. She suggests Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) break up with Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams). Then, Chanel will open up and admit that she might have romantic feelings for her BFF. What will Allie do and which Salemite is the right one for her?

Days Of Our Lives 2 Weeks Spoilers – Love Triangle Confirmed

DOOL spoilers reveal that a love triangle for Allie Horton was teased when Chanel Dupree (Precious Way) was introduced. The two young women did share a kiss, but it seemed that was the end. Chanel blew it off by saying it was just a kiss. However, Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) called Chanel out on her tough girl act. He could sense that Chanel was conflicted about it. She didn’t want to risk her friendship, but was having romantic feelings for Allie.

As for Allie, she’s not sure how she feels about Chanel. She had never kissed another woman before. What we do know is that she has kissed Tripp, but also had flashbacks of her rape. Even though Tripp turned out to be innocent, it’s something that she’s struggling with.

DOOL Spoilers – Chanel Dupree’s Suggestion

During the week of July 12, Chanel will give Allie some advice. She suggests that Tripp might not be the guy for her and she should consider breaking up with him. Even though Chanel can be a schemer, she treats Allie differently. She truly cares about her friend and wants her to be happy. We don’t think Chanel would suggest breaking up just so she could eliminate the competition.

Allie must share something about her relationship that makes her hesitant to move forward with him. Maybe she is still having flashbacks when she kisses Tripp. Or the spark just might not be there.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Admitting Romantic Feelings

Days of Our Lives spoilers for next week  reveal that Chanel will be totally honest with Allie. She admits that the kiss meant more to her than she claimed. Chanel tells Allie that she might be developing romantic feelings for her. This is probably hard for Chanel to admit because she’s been worried about it affecting their friendship. If Allie doesn’t feel the same way, she doesn’t want the friendship to suddenly get weird.

DOOL Spoilers Next Week – Who Should Allie Horton Pick?

Even though Chanel is not a fan-favorite right now, just give the character time to develop. Sure, she had a rough start. But we are starting to see the good parts of Chanel. She is a lot like her mother, Paulina Price (Jackée Harry). She has a natural mind for business, she is persuasive and she can really charm the socks of people when she wants something. She also cares deeply for Allie.

It seems that Allie brings out the best in Chanel, and we have seen Chanel bring out the fun and happiness in Allie. We are placing our bets on Allie picking Chanel. Tripp is a great guy, we just don’t see that special spark when he’s with Allie.

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