The Young and the Restless News: Doug Davidson Checks In – Wants To Hear From Fans

The Young and the Restless long time star Doug Davidson who has played Paul Williams since 1978 posted a video to check in with fans. Davidson asks “how is everyone doing? Doug says he’s “just checking in.”

Do You Enjoy The Flashbacks?

The Young and The Restless’ Doug asked how everyone is liking the flashback episodes. Davidson is obviously keeping up with the episodes because he mentioned the Cassandra story that was partially covered this past week. Fans remember Cassandra Rawlins (Nina Arvesen) from March 88 to April 91. “The Bermuda Love Triangle” was one of the most popular storylines on the show. Paul went to prison for Cassandra’s “dead husband’s” murder. Later she thought that Paul had committed suicide and he and his father followed her to Bermuda to haunt her with Paul’s “ghost.” Cassandra was killed on her way to reunite with Paul. Cassandra had left everything to Paul but the judge didn’t sign off on the papers before his death and her legal husband inherited it all.

Y&R Spoilers: Paul Is Married To Christine Blair

The Young and the Restless’ Paul loved Christine Blair but she was with Danny Romalotti. Paul and Christine married but later divorced after he had an affair with a client. Christine divorced Paul and his girlfriend later tried to kill her. Years later, Christine returned home to defend Paul in a murder trial and they reunited. Christine and Paul are now remarried and attempting to live happily ever after.

Davidson Can Be Very Vocal

The Young and The Restless’ Davidson often takes to Twitter when he has an issue with the show or his lack of appearances on screen. Davidson seems to share the sentiment that most fans do when it comes to allowing vets to be held in high esteem. Often with changes in writing staff, our core characters are changed and sometimes eliminated for no good reason. People who have been fans for years are often very annoyed by this. It is rather refreshing to know that the stars share our sentiments about our favorites.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Fans Cannot Wait For The Shows Return

As much as fans enjoy the flashback episodes they are looking forward to the show resuming taping soon. New episodes ran out April 24 which means the past week has been all flashback episodes and will continue to be until new shows are taped. If anything can be taken from this shutdown, it should be that the network might want to invest in trying to bank more episodes in case this were to happen again. With another possible shutdown this fall or winter, hopefully, all of the soaps can ramp up their taping and get many more shows under their belt just in case.

While everyone is still in quarantine, perhaps some ideas can be gathered to make our shows last longer and stay on the air. However, staying in touch is a great idea, and fans should continue to interact with the stars to keep in touch.

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