The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope And Liam’s Future In Limbo – Thomas Gets Exactly What He Wants

The Bold and the Beautiful Hope and Liam

B&B fans will have to prepare for a week full of drama and unexpected twists. Liam is going through a difficult time, having made a marriage proposal to Hope that has not yet been answered, Thomas and Steffy will launch a new plan to separate our beloved lovers.

Hope is still confused about Liam’s marriage proposal, she is not prepared to give up Douglas Forrester, at least not yet. Will this mean that Liam has decided to forget Hope and move on?

Thomas’s plan

Steffy has been manipulated by Thomas and Liam is confused with his feelings. But all this is nothing more than a plan plotted by Thomas to separate our favorite couple. Steffy will seek comfort in Liam’s arms and for a moment they will both share a passionate kiss. However, Hope will have a front-row seat to witness this possible betrayal of Liam.

Hope with a broken heart will try to get away and Liam will try to explain that everything has been a great misunderstanding. Is Liam telling the truth or is it just another one of his lies to keep playing with Hope’s heart? Meanwhile, Thomas will prepare to continue with the next part of his plan, now that Hope has begun to doubt Liam’s faithfulness it will be much easier to separate them.

The marriage proposal seems completely rejected and Liam will have to open his heart to explain to Hope that there is no other woman in the world for him. But what will happen when Steffy responds about the kiss just given? The spoilers reveal that Hope and Liam will have a strong discussion that will end suddenly. Will Hope seek revenge for the betrayal he has just witnessed?

The love triangle will come to an end!

Liam, Hope, and Steffy are in the middle of a love triangle where everyone has their motives. Although Liam proposed to Hope, his doubts and his inability to accept this agreement would make Liam make a radical decision: get away from Hope and confess his love for Steffy. After all, Liam has always been characterized by not being able to decide among the women around him, will he be willing to break Hope’s heart and start a new relationship with Steffy?

The spoilers indicate that this love triangle will soon come to an end and that Liam’s confession will significantly affect both women. If Liam came to admit that he is still in love with Steffy we could be sure that the wedding bells will not ring in B&B for a long time.

This and much more we will know in the following chapters of B&B!

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