Meghan Markle To Give First TV interview Since Megxit

Meghan MarkleMeghan Markle is set to utter a few words on Monday, her first television interview since Megxit. Will anyone watch? Does anyone care?

While the world waits with bated breath for the ex-Suits star to proclaim whatever is on her mind, let’s hope she’s by now heard the criticism leveled against her husband Harry after he similarly uttered a few public words on Saturday and was promptly roasted for his perceived ignorance and arrogance.

Meghan Markle Is Poised To Speak To The World—Do We Care?

ABC’s “Good Morning America” has made the epic decision to give 38-year old Meghan some of its airtime on Monday’s show. They’re not hiding the fact; it’s an event the network is actively promoting.

Meghan’s star turns as a special guest for Monday’s show is supposed to feature her discussing her star turn as the voice of an elephant on Disney’s documentary, Elephant. Disney owns ABC by the way.

Meghan Voices An Elephant On The Disney Documentary Elephant

In case you didn’t catch it, a voiceover on a GMA promo stated, “On ‘GMA’ Monday, Meghan Markle with an exclusive first look at the Disney documentary Elephant.”

You can catch the feature-length film on Disney+. The film records the journey of an elephant herd as it journeys hundreds of miles through Zimbabwe and Botswana.

By now the way in which she wrangled the part is the stuff of pity party legend; Bob Iger, the CEO of the Mouse House, was badgered into it by Harry at a red carpet event.

It was all caught on video—Harry telling the wordless Iger, “You know, she does voiceovers,” while Meghan flitted about.

That embarrassing faux pas was in July and months later Harry still hasn’t learned to keep his mouth shut.

Prince Harry Is Either Ill-Informed Or Ill-Educated

This weekend Harry put his foot in it again when he went on a podcast and broadcast to the world his opinion that the UK is doing better during the coronavirus pandemic than the media is letting on. How does he know this? It’s his opinion.

On the other hand, experts on the front lines were quick to refute Harry’s bumbling opinion with fact-based knowledge of their own. For instance, Karol Sikora, who has led antibody tests, asked incredulously, “What are his qualifications for making these comments — other than deserting his country in its hour of need?”

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