Meghan Markle Richer Than People Thought? – Wealth Without Royals Revealed

Amazingly, Meghan Markle is estimated to be worth about $45 Million dollars when her former bank account is added to that of Prince Harry’s. Thus, even without any further income from the British Sovereign Grant (the fund that provides the British Royal Family its money, and which is taken out of the taxes of British citizens) the couple really ought already to consider themselves … “Financially Independent.” After all, most people don’t have to have $45 Million in the bank as Harry and Meghan have in order to do so.

That said, Meghan’s net worth before marrying Prince Harry isn’t actually all that eye-popping although it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. As a star on the hit TV series “Suits,” Meghan Markle was making in the neighborhood of $450,000 per year. Then, on top of that Meghan had side gigs made up of product endorsements, etc. which came to about $80,000 per year. Thus, all in all, Meghan Markle was making about half a million dollars every year. Her final tally before Marrying Prince Harry stood at $5 Million U.S. Dollars.

Meghan’s Wealth WITH Royals Far Greater

Most would agree that when Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she definitely moved on up, got her deluxe apartment, and her piece of the pie. After all, Meghan benefits right now from not having to work at all if she doesn’t want to. Although the security arrangements she and Prince Harry have are a big expense, and certainly Meghan’s lifestyle choices aren’t for the faint of heart, literally everything is paid for by Prince Charles’s estate right now.

Thus, Meghan Markle might have been wealthy by many peoples’ standards before her marriage to Harry, but now she’s living high in that ivory tower. That’s true in more ways than one as Meghan Markle has been able to leverage newfound superstardom and all the influence gave her just by receiving Royal titles.

Indeed, although Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have stepped down from “The Firm,” Meghan and Harry both have managed to sign with one of the world’s leading public speaking agencies. When they are booked for an engagement (neither have been booked so far) they stand to gain at least as much as former presidents Clinton and Obama (around $350,000 per speech).

Plus, Meghan’s status has allowed her to play the PR game with the supreme advantage, getting her face and her narrative in front of all the right audiences in order to grow her own, personal brand.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Not Worried About Money

The bottom line is that even though the couple has promised to pay back over $5.48 million in taxpayer funds used to renovate their home in the U.K., neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle is remotely worried about cash.

So far, no one in the U.K. has been serious about trying to cut the Duke and Duchess of Sussex off from their golden parachute. Apparently, even with a bank account that’s got nearly $50 Million in it, some are afraid of public funds don’t reach Harry and Meghan the two will go into a vicious freefall.

That said, those who watch the British Royal Family will just have to see what happens if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle choose to continue living in California. One has to hope Meghan’s consulted tax professionals because at some point the IRS is going to come calling.

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