General Hospital Spoilers: Liz Webber’s An Unhappy Wife – Friz Marriage In Trouble When GH Returns?

general hospital spoilers liz webber, rebecca herbst, frizGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers & updates suggest that Elizabeth Webber Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) needs to seriously be more grateful to her husband, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), than she has appeared lately. GH fans know that Franco has been killing himself with worry over his family’s finances and now that he’s brought in some cash, Elizabeth has basically spit in his face!

ABC General Hospital Spoilers – Franco’s Trying Real Hard

GH fans have watched as Franco has verbally complained and worried about things such as paying rent, the utilities, Cameron Webber’s (William Lipton) college tuition, and more lately. They’ve seen Franco talk to his dad, and presumably others about taking out loans. It’s clear that Franco’s been desperate to bring in an income that can support his family with Elizabeth. It’s obvious to many GH viewers that Franco has no desire to sit back and be a “househusband” and allow Elizabeth to be the sole provider for the family.

It was a relief for Franco then, when Ava Cassadine, offered him the chance to do her portrait. As everyone knows, Franco is an accomplished artist. Ava even appears to believe that Franco’s art has a touch of genius to it. Then too, Ava planned to bring Franco’s art back to her gallery … fanning Franco’s hopes that his career as an artist could soon be back on track.

Perhaps soon Franco would no longer have to slum it as an art teacher at General Hospital, teaching art to sick and dying children for a mere pittance of what his work was actually worth.

General Hospital Soap Spoilers – Elizabeth Flips Out

Remember now that Elizabeth’s salary as a nurse at General Hospital just wasn’t enough to cover all of her family’s bills. However, that doesn’t seem to matter to her when Franco’s reputation is on the line. For Elizabeth, Franco’s new opportunity to bring in some serious cash isn’t worth it if it means using his horrible past as a marketing ploy. “Franco the bad boy’s (evil murderer) Redemption Through Art!” With that sort of slogan in mind, Elizabeth can’t stand how Ava seems to be using Franco to bring notoriety to her art gallery.

For Franco, however, his past is his past. Franco can’t wiggle out of it or around it. Why shouldn’t he do whatever it takes to take care of his family? Franco’s reputation, for those whose lives he shattered, won’t ever be repaired. For those who don’t know the story, Ava’s ploy will just seem like a marketing stunt … and if Franco can profit from it … why not at this point?  The issue for Elizabeth is that Franco doesn’t seem to care about his reputation as much as she does.

GH Spoilers (When New Episodes Return) – Elizabeth Just Wants a Normal Life

Some GH fans might agree that while Elizabeth truly does care about Franco’s reputation, her caring isn’t totally selfless. The truth is, Elizabeth doesn’t want everyone and their neighbor scrutinizing her and her marriage to Franco. Elizabeth’s fears are what’s talking when she gets angry at Franco for agreeing to Ava’s schemes. Elizabeth is afraid of people saying things like “Oh! So you’re that nurse that married that psycho murderer, right?” Elizabeth doesn’t want her family’s reputation besmirched any more than she want’s Franco’s personal reputation sullied.

The truth is, many GH fans can’t blame Elizabeth when they see thing from her perspective. Still, there’s the reality of family finances for she and Franco to figure out. Given the dire nature of their situation, some also think Elizabeth should have shut her mouth, swallowed her pride (and anger) and just accept the fact that Franco brought home a $15 thousand dollar check with a bit of grace.

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