General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Is About To Get Tested – Hit With Huge Surprise

General Hospital: Brooklynn Ashton (Amanda Setton)

General Hospital spoilers tease that Brook Lynn Ashton (Amanda Setton) will receive a surprise she doesn’t want from her “manager” in an upcoming episode of GH!

General Hospital Spoilers – Brook Lynn Ashton’s Manager Is A Sleaze

General Hospital viewers will recall that in a recent conversation with Ned and Olivia Quartermaine (Wally Kurth, Lisa LoCicero) in which Brook Lynn asked why couldn’t her father just pay her manager off to get her out of the contract with him, she revealed that he hit on her and was expecting sexual favors from her as an unwritten part of the contract, and until she produced three albums!

The contract wasn’t even based on a timeframe basis, like a one year, two years or three-year contract, it was an open-ended one which means she couldn’t even get out of the contract when it ran out – because it was written so it didn’t just run out! That is why Brook Lynn came back to Port Charles, hoping that he wouldn’t find her even though he has called her and harassed her a couple of different times on the phone, one of them when she first came to town and was in Charlie’s Pub!

GH Spoilers – Is This Guy Tracking Her By Her Phone?

If Brook Lynn was somehow naïve enough to not even have an attorney look over this contract before she signed it, therefore creating the huge problem she is in the middle of now, is she naïve enough to not know that there is tracking software on smartphones that this guy could be tracking her with and know her location? Has she even changed her phone number? She may think that because she didn’t download an app that shows the phone owner’s location and as far as she knows, the manager doesn’t have one either, that her phone cannot be tracked and that he cannot find her using her phone. But how does she know that he doesn’t know how to hack?

There are ways to find people and stalk them by hacking into the location software on the phone whether they have an app to show their location or not, and even if an app such as Google Maps has not been activated. If she has any kind of GPS program on her phone, whether she uses the app or not, she can be found if the manager knows how to hack into it.

General Hospital Spoilers – Could The Sleaze Show Up At Her Door?

The sleazy manager, who GH rumors say is named “Linc” could show up at the doors of the Quartermaine mansion, but unless he is really stupid he won’t. He won’t want to show up with a houseful of Quartermaines there. If Ned and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) are both there at the same time they could probably take him on; as proven when Michael got mad at Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) a couple of times, he’s a pretty formidable force all by himself when he’s motivated; once he practically threw Shiloh across the room!

If Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) happens to be there, “Linc” may as well make sure he has a grave ready for himself to fall into! Julian Jerome (William DeVry) could be at the mansion as well, visiting Leo Falconeri (Aaron Bradshaw)! No, “Linc” won’t show up at the mansion – he might check it out first but then wait until she leaves and follow her that way and then surprise her! That will be a surprise she definitely will not want!

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