Emmerdale Spoilers: History Between Harriet And DI Malone Revealed As Harriet Takes Down DI Malone

Emmerdale: Harriet Finch, DI MaloneEmmerdale Spoilers hint that Harriet and DI Malone may have had a past together. DI Malone has been causing chaos ever since he has come on to the show. With him bothering Billy, Will, and Cain. However, could it be that DI Malone will be stopped by someone that he was not expecting?

Emmerdale Spoilers – Harriet Finch And DI Malone’s History

It has been teased that Harriet Finch may have had a connection to DI Malone by the actor who plays DI Malone, Mark Womack. Mark Womack stated, “They might know each other, yes… So far, they haven’t bumped into one another. There might be a connection there. Also, there is another reason Malone is in the village – which I’m not going to give away yet!” Could he possibly be in the village in order to reconnect with Harriet, or could it be something else entirely?

Emmerdale Spoilers – Harriet Finch Takes DI Malone Down

Well, it seems that Harriet will cross paths with DI Malone in the upcoming episodes. As of right now, Harriet has not even realized that DI Malone was in the village, let alone tormenting her partner. However, soon she will realize just how much damage he has done. Something might tip her off, which will then trigger her detective skills, and she will try to understand what is going on.

Katherine Down Blyton, who plays Harriet will deal with DI Malone on her own as she learns about the terror that he has made the village endure. She tells Inside Soap, “She doesn’t know all the details, but she’s not daft. And with her police past, she knows something’s not right. So, she has to put her detective head on again and try to get to the bottom of it.”

Harriet may take many risks in order to help her partner out by taking down DI Malone. Katherine said during her interview, “Well, all I can say is watch this space — and believe in girl power!” She continues by teasing the history between Harriet and Malone by saying, “All of this has kicked off from Will’s stress, so she’s worried for Will and what he’s got himself involved in with Malone.” What do you think? Will Harriet take DI Malone down? Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the soap right now. Come back here often for Emmerdale spoilers, news, updates, and rumors!

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