General Hospital Spoilers & Recap Monday, February 4: Ryan Gets Critical Information – Dante Still Missing

General Hospital Spoilers & Recap Monday, February 4: Ryan Gets Critical Information - Dante Still Missing General Hospital’ (GH) recap for Monday, February 4, 2019, reveals Sonny (Maurice Benard) goes to see Anna (Finola Hughes); he needs her help. Anna assumes that Sonny is going after Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) killer. Sonny tells Anna his main focus is Dante (ex-Dominic Zamprogna).

GH Spoilers Sonny Needs Anna’s Help

Anna agrees to see what she can do to find out some information. Finn (Michael Easton) and Robert (Tristan Rogers) are working together to investigate Cabot. Finn and Robert arrive at Anna’s. Sonny explains to Robert why he is there. Anna joins the conversation and explains to Sonny how Dante is undercover with killers, and they can’t pull him out without blowing his cover.

Anna tells Sonny that Dante will come him it is just a question of when. Robert and Anna argue over her helping Sonny. Finn tells Anna she talks a good game. Anna tells Finn she can’t be afraid because she can’t be, it will paralyze her. Anna doesn’t know any other way to do this, they kiss. Finn finds information on Cabot, Anna and Robert are pleased.

General Hospital Jason Tells Kristina About Sam’s Past

General Hospital’s Jason (Steve Burton) goes by Charlie’s, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) wants him to convince Sam (Kelly Monaco) that he is ok. Kristina needs Jason to convince Sam that Dawn of Day is the best thing that ever happened to her. Jason orders water and asks Kristina about a Dawn of Day flyer laying on the counter. Kristina thinks Jason believes she is lying to herself.

Jason tells Kristina that Sam is so concerned with things that Kristina doesn’t know about, people who used Sam and did a lot of damage to her. Kristina says it is too late for that. Jason explains to Kristina everything that Sam had to do for Danny. Kristina says this must be where all of Sam’s trust issues come from because she couldn’t trust others.

Jason explains how hard it was for Sam to believe anything could be good. Jason explains to Kristina that she has always had people there to help her and Sam had no one. Kristina tells Jason that she understands and she believes Dawn of Day can help her. Sonny stops by to visit Kristina to asks if she’s heard from Dante, she hasn’t. Sonny tells Kristina he is getting desperate.

Kristina gets coffee for Sonny, and he wants to make sure she is careful. Kristina explains how they never go anywhere alone and the Dawn of Day people look out for each other. Kristina introduces Sonny to Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) when he walks into Charlie’s. Sonny tells Shiloh that Kristina thinks he hung the moon. Sonny warns Shiloh that anyone who hurts Kristina deals with him.

GH Sam Agrees To Meet Shiloh

General Hospital’s Sam meets with Shiloh. Shiloh asks Sam why she doesn’t think he can change. Shiloh tells Sam he would be dead if she hadn’t scammed his father. Shiloh tells Sam losing everything taught him that he could live on his terms, he was reborn after that experience. Sam apologizes and offers to tell him why she needed the money. Sam tells Shiloh about Danny (David Greenman) and how she had to take care of him. Sam doesn’t regret it because it allowed her to help Danny with all of his many needs.

Sam tells Shiloh they didn’t have a family to help, she was on her own with Danny. Shiloh tells Sam she needs to explore the pain she was in all those years ago. Shiloh tells Sam she is suffering from post-traumatic stress and that Dawn of Day can help. Jason joins Sam and asks if she’s ok, she tells him no. Sam tells Jason that Shiloh is good and it took everything in her to make him believe she was coming over to his side. Sam says she had to access stuff she has kept buried for years. Sam says the way Shiloh honed in on her past, what is he capable of doing to Kristina. Sam tells Jason that Kristina doesn’t have the defenses to battle Shiloh.

General Hospital Ava Demands Answers

General Hospital’s Ava (Maura West) corners Chase (Josh Swickard) and demands to know what he is doing to find the killer. Ava mentions how many people have been attacked already and wants to know how many more have to be hurt before they catch the killer.

Chase asks about Kiki’s (ex-Hayley Erin) relationship with Franco (Roger Howarth). Ava tells Chase that Franco loved Kiki and she loved him. Ava tells Chase he needs to forget about Franco and find the killer. Chase and Jordan compare notes, and Franco doesn’t have an alibi for the murders. Jordan approaches Ryan about helping Lulu (Emme Rylan).


GH Ryan Talks To Franco About His Past

General Hospital’s Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) tells Franco he will see him, Franco questions what changed his mind. Ryan tells Franco he knew he would be upset with the killings that are happening now. Franco tells Ryan about the cops. Ryan says surely the law doesn’t think he is the killer and pushes Franco to reveal all his crimes. Franco tells Ryan about his crimes.

Franco says his body remembers what it feels like to kill. Franco says he never got off on the murder, but he did the attention. Ryan tells Franco he has done an amazing job, it helped more than he could know. Franco goes to Kiki’s grave and talks to her. Franco tells Kiki that losing her made him realize what he put others through when he killed their loved ones. Franco says he would have done anything to protect her.

Franco tells Kiki if he was a murderer then, he’s a murderer now, Ava overhears and asks what is going on with him. Franco tells Ava he was doing some soul searching. Ava and Franco discuss how Kiki understood them. Franco tells Ava he is sorry and thanks her for keeping Kiki away from him because he wasn’t fit to be around her at that time in his life.

General Hospital Ryan Wants To Hypnotize Lulu

General Hospital’s Lulu is ready to try hypnotherapy. Lulu wants to do it, and Laura (Genie Frances) says not on her watch. Laura tries to tell Lulu that there is a reason her mind has put up a wall and she can’t just tear that down. Lulu tells Laura it isn’t her call and she wants to do this now. Laura tells Lulu she needs to get her doctor’s ok before she moves on with this approach to remember. Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) comes to Lulu’s room with Ryan; Laura has a problem with him hypnotizing Lulu.

Laura asks for a moment and sends Ryan out of the room. Lulu agrees that “Kevin” (Jon Lindstrom) hasn’t acted normal for months, Jordan sings his praises fan pushes them to let him help. Laura reluctantly agrees to let him work with Lulu. Laura tells Ryan she has an issue with his erratic behavior, he assures then he wants to help and can separate the two. Lulu asks Ryan if he can make her remember, he explains that it sets you at ease enough to deal with him. Laura gives the ok and asks him to take good care of her daughter.

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