General Hospital Spoilers Friday July 26: Harmony Drops Baby Bomb On Nelle – Carly Surprises Jax – Ava Threatens Nina

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, July 26 tease an exciting Friday full of drama, questions, excitement and tense situations for General Hospital viewers!

General Hospital Spoiler: Harmony Miller Tells Too Much

At Pentonville Correctional Facility, Lorraine Miller, formerly known as Harmony (Inga Cadranel) talks to her cellmate, Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). It is the first birthday of Wiley Cooper-Jones (Eric and Theodore Olson) and Jonah Corinthos, who General Hospital viewers, Nelle, Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) and Liesel Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) know are the same baby, since Harmony’s grandson died and Nelle swapped him for her baby, Jonah when she met Brad driving down a country road distraught because he and his husband Lucas Jones’ (Ryan Carnes) adopted baby had died.

Harmony tells too much information to Nelle as she worries about her grandson, saying she prays that Brad and Lucas take that baby and run! Obviously, Harmony has been talking about how dangerous Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is and that he’s the birth father and trying to get custody of the baby he thinks is his son away from Brad and Lucas! Nelle looks pretty mad as she listens to Harmony!

GH Spoiler: Franco Baldwin Is Puzzled

Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) talks to a much shorter brunette woman who appears to be his wife, Elizabeth Webber Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst). He is puzzled, having heard another woman talking about something, presumably to he and Elizabeth, and asks Elizabeth if she has any idea what the other woman meant by that.

It’s possible they could still be discussing what a drunken Liesl said about Brad, Lucas and Wiley, but he could have been talking about something Elizabeth’s half-sister Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Herbst) said as well.

General Hospital Spoiler: Harrison Chase Asks A Favor Of Hayden Barnes

Meanwhile, Detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) talks to Hayden elsewhere. He had gotten a little more information about Hayden and her relationship with his older brother, Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), Hayden’s ex-fiance in Thursday’s General Hospital episode. Considering his and Hayden’s first encounter was not under the best of circumstances,

Chase bringing her to the Port Charles Police Station in handcuffs for questioning about Liesl’s push overboard off the Haunted Star, he asks if she thinks they could “hit the reset button” and start all over again getting acquainted! Undoubtedly he will want to be on good terms with her wanting more information on what happened between her and his brother, and will want to talk about Baby Finn who she had told Finn she miscarried.

GH Spoiler: Carly Corinthos Surprises Jasper Jax

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) sits with her ex-husband Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) and it looks like she’s treating him to a meal. Jax is surprised as he opens a drink and asks her what he did to deserve this; considering mention was made to her bestie Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) in Thursday’s episode, maybe she is trying to tell him he deserves a home of his own instead of a suite in the Metro Court!

Carly talked to Jason about the inconvenience of having to move bookings around in the hotel because of Jax living there, but knew there would be trouble with her husband Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) for Jax if he bought Connie Falconeri’s (Kelly Sullivan) which is right next door to the Corinthos compound, and the house Jax had been intending to buy and move into when he first came back to Port Charles!

General Hospital Spoiler: Valentin Cassadine Is Liesel Obrecht’s Ride

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is at General Hospital, talking to Liesel Obrecht in her hospital room. Apparently she has improved enough to be released, and Valentin’s her ride home from the hospital; he tells her he has been sent with instructions, probably from his fiancée and Liesel’s niece Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) to escort Liesel home. He looks pleasant enough but Liesel being Liesel, greets him with a suspicious scowl!

GH Spoiler: Ava Jerome Warns Nina

Meanwhile, Nina is busy elsewhere, probably at the Crimson office, with Ava Jerome (Maura West). Ava must have read the article on her featured in Crimson or seen the “Good Morning Port Charles” television broadcast about the article, called “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Ava” and is not happy! As General Hospital viewers know, it was not written the way Ava was promised by Jax, and she warns Nina not to look down because it’s a long way to fall!

Stay tuned to General Hospital and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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