General Hospital Recap Thursday, March 7 – Oscar’s Time Is Running Out; Ryan Dumps Carly

General Hospital Recap Thursday, March 7 – Oscar's Time Is Running Out; Ryan Dumps CarlyGeneral Hospital’s Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) are still trying to locate Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Sonny is determined to leave soon if someone doesn’t show up. Robert explains to Sonny that in his world, things don’t move as fast as they do in Sonny’s. A woman comes to the table and wants to read Sonny’s palm. Sonny isn’t interested, but Robert encourages him to do it anyway.

General Hospital Recap – Sonny and Robert Get An Address

The woman tells Sonny he has a long lifeline but needs to be careful; she also tells him someone he loves is in danger. The woman tells Sonny that his son is in danger; his life is in the palm of Sonny’s hands. Sonny pulls his hand away; the woman demands money. Robert doesn’t think anyone is going to show and suggests they leave. The fortune teller slips an address into Sonny’s hand. Two men start to follow; the fortune teller detains them long enough to Sonny to read the address.

GH Recap – Jason And Laura Arrive At Niagra Falls

General Hospital’s Chase (Josh Swickard) calls Laura (Genie Francis); Laura tells Chase she has reason to believe Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) is in Niagra Falls with Ava (Maura West). Laura will be in touch when they find out something. Chase questions who Laura is with, she tells a friend. Laura asks Jason (Steve Burton) how they got on the road to Niagra Falls. Jason tells Laura about the occurrences at Ferncliff. Jason also tells Laura that he believes Ryan has Carly (Laura Wright) with him or she is locked up at the hospital.

Laura wants to consider the possibility that Ryan killed Carly, Jason refuses to acknowledge it. Laura tells Jason that what he does out of her sight at Niagra Falls is nothing to her. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) calls and tells Laura Ryan’s location. Jason tells Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to find out what room Kevin is in immediately. Laura finds the directions to the inn. Jason and Laura arrive at the Inn and Jason goes to Ryan’s suite to save Carly. Jason gets to the room, Ryan and Ava have already left for Canada and Carly is lying out in the snow.

General Hospital – Kim And Drew Reach Oscar

General Hospital’s Kim (Tamara Braun) tells Drew (Billy Miller) that Oscar (Garren Stitt) had another seizure and is on the way to the hospital. Kim asks if Drew wants to drive to Niagra Falls, he chooses to take the helicopter instead. Drew and Kim arrive and asks where Oscar is. Jocelyn (Eden McCoy) gets up to leave so Drew, and Kim can be with Oscar, he doesn’t want her to go.

Oscar asks Kim and Drew not to be angry. Drew says they are furious, and Kim tells him this wasn’t ok. Oscar tells Kim and Drew that this seizure was terrible. Kim tells Oscar they have no idea how severe this seizure was and they will have Terry (Cassandra James) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) check him out when they get home.

General Hospital Recap – Cameron Learns Ryan Is The Killer

General Hospital’s Cameron William Lipton) runs into Ryan on his way to meet up with Trina (Sydney Mikaya) and Jocelyn. Ryan says he can’t let Cameron go just yet. Cameron, Jocelyn, and Trina arrive at the hospital and Jocelyn are allowed into Oscar’s room. Liz calls Cameron and tells him she knows where he is; she wanted to make sure he is ok. Liz tells Cameron she is proud of him for getting Oscar to the hospital. Liz wants to tell Cameron something about Franco (Roger Howarth). Liz tells Cameron that the police cleared Franco of all charges. Liz tells Cameron that Ryan is the killer and tells him she just saw Dr. Collins (Jon Lindstrom).

Cameron tells Liz where Ryan is, and she instructs them to stay at the hospital. Trina thinks Liz is blaming things on Ryan for no reason. Cameron tells Trina that Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) is a patient at General Hospital. Trina calls GH and finds out that Kevin is in surgery. Cameron tells Trina that he was talking to the killer, Ryan Chamberlain. Trina tells Cameron he is going to have to find a way to get along with Franco. Trina tells Cameron they have no right to complain, she says him Oscar is getting worse, and he needs to get over it.


General Hospital Spoilers – Jocelyn Breaks Down

General Hospital’s Jocelyn starts to leave Oscar’s room; he tells her not to go. Oscar knows that their time is almost over. Oscar wants Cameron to have his car to remind him of this trip. Oscar tells Jocelyn he loves everything about her. Jocelyn talks to Cameron and Trina. Jocelyn says she tries to stay positive, but one day soon Oscar is going to be gone. Cameron and Trina encourage Jocelyn to remain in the present and concentrate on Oscar.

GH Spoilers – Ava Finds Carly

General Hospital’s Ava opens the trunk of Ryan’s car but runs into Jocelyn. Ava asks Jocelyn if she is there with her mother, Jocelyn looks confused. Jocelyn gets a text that the Uber is there. Ava finds Carly in the trunk of the car and asks what is going on, Ryan comes up and catches her and says surprise. Ava asked if Carly followed them there, he instructs Ava to go back to the room and wait. Ava leaves Ryan with Carly who locks her in the trunk again. Ava goes to wait for Ryan and pours herself a drink before starting to call 911. Ava thinks Kevin is having a breakdown. Ryan joins Ava in their room and pours himself a glass.

Ava asks Ryan why Carly is in the trunk of the car. Ryan says Carly is a wedding present for Ava. Ava wants to release Carly and get on with their marriage. Ryan tells Ava that Carly is already on her way, Ava questions what he has done. Ryan says Carly is about five miles east of here. Ava questions if Carly can take care of herself. Ryan says Carly is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Ryan wants Ava to wear something else for their wedding. Ryan tells Ava they are going to join their lives and fates; he wants everything to be perfect.

Chase Has News For Lulu

General Hospital’s Chase puts out an APB on Ryan and Ava. Lulu (Emme Rylan) arrives at the hospital and questions Chase about finding Laura. Chase tells Lulu that Laura was at the hospital but she is gone now and this situation is complicated. Lulu questions what Chase has told her and then she remembers Ryan attacking her. Lulu tells Chase that Ryan convinced her that Franco stabbed her. Chase goes to call the Niagra Falls police. Lulu apologizes to Liz for accusing Franco. Liz tells Lulu that a lot of people know Ryan better than she does and they didn’t know the difference.

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