General Hospital Recap Monday, March 4 – Ryan Kidnaps Carly; Laura And Kevin Find A Tunnel

General Hospital Recap Monday, March 4 – Ryan Kidnaps Carly; Laura And Kevin Find A TunnelGeneral Hospital’s Monday March 4 recap kicks off with Carly (Laura Wright) sees Ryan (John Lindstrom) as he puts the lockbox in the trunk of his car. Carly brings up the suitcase in the trunk and questions his decision to marry Ava (Maura West).

General Hospital Recap – Carly Questions Ryan

Carly makes the mistake of asking about Todd Wilson (Jon Lindstrom). Ryan tries to convince Carly she thought it was Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) because she needed to see a friendly face. Carly tells Ryan she needs to keep investigating and will keep him posted. Ryan opens the trunk and says Carly may be onto something.

Felicia (Kristina Wagner) arrives and wants real answers from “Kevin,” Carly is nowhere around. Felicia tries to talk Kevin out of marrying Ava. Felicia catches a slip up that reminds her of Ryan. Felicia goes back inside to speak to Mac (John J. York) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) and tell them that Kevin is acting like Ryan.

General Hospital Spoilers – Robert Saves Sonny

General Hospital’s Sonny (Maurice Benard) arrives in Turkey and attempts to join a poker game. They inform Sonny this game isn’t for him. Sonny rattles off poker hands and pulls out his money clip. Sonny is allowed to join in the game after they take his gun. Sonny asks about Raj and is mistaken for a cop. The men accuse Sonny of being a WSB agent, and they pull a gun on him, Robert (Tristan Rogers) comes to Sonny’s rescue.

Sonny enquires about Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Robert and Sonny back out of the meeting. Robert tells Sonny he can thank him with a dry martini. Sonny wonders why Robert is there, Robert says he owes Sonny one for helping with Robin (Kimberly McCullough) when he couldn’t be there, and he always pays his debts. Robert tells Sonny they need to meet up with someone who is going to try to help them locate Dante.


GH Spoilers – Chase Hacks Jordan’s Phone

General Hospital’s Curtis (Donnell Turner) tries to get into Jordan’s (Briana Nicole Henry) phone to check messages but can’t figure out the password. Chase (Josh Swickard) arrives to check on Jordan and Curtis gives him an update. Curtis asks if Chase knows who Jordan has listed as urgent in the phone. Curtis wants Chase to override Jordan’s security code to retrieve this message.

Chase breaks into the cellphone and Curtis listens to the voicemail. Curtis tells Chase that Franco (Roger Howarth)said their plan worked and Ryan is the killer. Curtis tells Chase that Jordan had an idea but didn’t give him details. Chase says Jordan had called him the night of the accident but didn’t give him details. Chase thinks Franco snapped and attacked Kevin. Anna and Finn overhear the conversation with Chase and Curtis. Curtis and Chase tell them what they know so far. Anna (Finola Hughes) and Finn (Michael Easton) mention that Ryan has come up in too much lately and Anna doesn’t believe in coincidence.

General Hospital Recap – Anna Needs Answers

General Hospital’s Anna calls Andre (ex- Anthony Montgomery) to update him on Jordan’s condition. Finn believes Andre will appreciate the update. Anna hopes Andre can tell her if she has her memory or Alex’s (Finola Hughes). Finn points out that Andre was worried about the serum for memory mapping.

Anna needs to know if some of her memories are her sisters. Finn promises to be there for Anna through this exploration. Finn tells Anna she may never see the truth. Anna agrees that she may never know the truth, but she had to try to find out. Finn tells Anna he might need Alex’s assistance.

General Hospital Recap – Kevin And Laura Work Together

General Hospital’s Kevin and Laura (Genie Frances) are still locked in the basement. Kevin and Laura agree that they are in trouble, but at least Ryan isn’t there. Kevin suggests Laura follow the pipes to see if something is loose. Laura is ashamed she didn’t know the difference between Ryan and Kevin because Kevin had always been honest with her. Kevin tells Laura that wasn’t always true.

Laura finds the name Danzinger on the wall and asks Kevin about him. Kevin says Danzinger escaped custody and never captured. Laura questions if there could be an escape route left by Danzinger in the basement. Laura has Kevin help move a box to read Danzingers message. Laura and Kevin figure out that Danzinger mentioned copper and find a copper pipe. Laura and Kevin find a secret passage in the wall.

General Hospital Spoilers – Ava Wants Julian’s Advice

General Hospital’s Ava tells Julian (William DeVry) that she is getting married tonight. Ava is upset that Julian isn’t happy for her. Ava never wanted to marry anyone but Kevin. Ava asks Julian for marriage advice, at least he knows what not to do. Julian tells Ava you can’t see marriage as a way to change someone. Julian asks if Kevin knows who Ava is. Ava tells her they love each other for themselves.

GH Recap – Lucy Gets A Shock

General Hospital’s Felicia and Mac think Ava is joking about the wedding, Lucy overhears and is shocked. Lucy tells Mac and Felicia that Ava is lying, her doc wouldn’t do this. Felicia and Lucy both admit to being worried about Kevin and plans to put a stop to this. Lucy says she always thought Kevin would come back to her.

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