EastEnders Spoilers: Jake Wood Exits – Max Branning’s Goodbye

EastEnders Spoilers: Jake Wood Exits - Max Branning's Goodbye EastEnders’ Thursday episode set the stage for Jake Wood’s temporary exit from the soap. It was announced September last year that Jake Wood who plays Max was set to take a break from the soap during the first quarter of 2019.

Fans need not worry though because Wood’s absence is only temporary just like two years ago when he had a year off from the soap. Wood said he spends long hours working and by taking some time off, he’ll be able to spend quality time with his two kids and beautiful wife.

EastEnders Spoilers – Will Jake Wood Return?

His character Max Branning forces his brother Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) to leave Walford to escape Mel’s wrath after her son Hunter was caught by the police. Jack played Mel by letting her think that he was helping her and Hunter escape, following Ray’s murder. The truth was that Jack was working with the authorities to bring Hunter in, so the young lad had no choice when he was taken by the police into custody for killing Ray.

Jack tried to reason with Mel and told her that what he did was for her and Hunter’s sake. At that time, Mel can’t think of anything else but her son and taking revenge at Jack. Fearing for the life of his brother, Max plans to take Jack out of Walford.

However, Jack wasn’t on board. He tried to make amends by going to Mel’s house to no avail. Later on, Mel was in a listening mood, not to Jack, but to Max. He explained that there’s nothing she can do and dissuaded her from taking the blame for the murder.

EastEnders Spoilers – Jack And Max Branning Leave Walford

Max told her that Hunter is lucky to have a mother who is willing to kill for him. He added that she is a strong woman and Hunter will need someone like that not inside the cell but outside prison. She reiterated that she had to stay strong for her son. Mel eventually decided to stay in town. She was burning Ray’s things when Max appeared and told her that he and Jack were leaving so she can have some space.

That sums up Max and Jack’s exit from EastEnders. Viewers have to wait and see what’s in store for the siblings, especially for Max who is set to return in March.

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