Days Of Our Lives Recap Thursday, January 3: Jennifer Gives Jack The Truth – Abby Won’t Press Charges

Days Of Our Lives Recap Thursday, January 3: Jennifer Gives Jack The Truth - Abby Won’t Press Charges Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Thursday, January 3, 2019, reveals Chad (Billy Flynn) is holding Charlotte and telling her about the day she was born. Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) looks on as Chad holds her.

DOOL Spoilers Julie Encourages Chad

Julie tells Chad it is wonderful this wrong is now right, but now Chad and Abby (Kate Mansi) need to reunite. Julie tells Chad that Abby needs him especially with her father being back and not remembering her. Julie tells Chad he is a good-hearted person and didn’t see how vindictive Gabi (Camila Banus) is.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Abby Shows Compassion For Ari

Days of Our Lives’ Abby goes to the police station to talk to Gabi. Gabi tells Abby if she is there to gloat she can leave. Abby says they have unfinished business. Abby and Gabi talk about what happened after Gabi claimed to want to get past what happened. Gabi tells Abby the visit with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) happened, and she got her hands on Charlotte’s paternity test. Abby can’t believe that Gabi let her tell Chad his daughter was Stefan’s (Tyler Christopher) or that she was going to marry Chad and raise her children.

Abby goes through everything that Gabi did to put her away. Abby asks Gabi if she hurt her that badly, Gabi says she did. Gabi tells Abby they aren’t that different, Gabi didn’t have an alternate personality to blame it on as she did. Gabi tells Abby at least she owns up to what she did to her. The assistant D.A. comes in and tells Abby the D.A. wants to see her, she’s the key witness in this case. Abby tells him she’s not pressing charges against Gabi. Gabi is shocked that Abby isn’t pressing charges. Abby tells her they will never be friends again, but they both need to focus on their children. Abby turns and leaves Gabi is left speechless.

DOOL Spoilers Jennifer Kisses Jack

Days of Our Lives’ Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) goes to see Jack (Matthew Ashford). Jennifer tells Jack he looks good for a man that has been dead for six years. Jack tells Jennifer he tries to stay out of the son. Jennifer wants to help trigger Jack’s memory if he is willing to try. Jennifer and Jack discuss Abby and the grandchildren after she shows him a picture. Jack says if his kids don’t spark his memory he doubts anything else will. Jennifer shows Jack pictures from their first wedding and their honeymoon in Hollywood.

Jennifer shows him baby pictures of the kids. Jennifer is crying showing Jack the photos. Jack doesn’t remember anything. Jennifer tells him about falling down the elevator shaft, and the paramedics said he died instantly. Jack tells Jennifer that he was in a coma and woke up with Dr. Rolf (William Utay) taking care of him alone with Xander Cook (Paul Telfer). Jack was in the building when Xander got him out. Jack tells Jennifer that Xander reunited her with Eve (Kassie DePaiva).

Jennifer asks Jack what Eve told him about his marriage to Eve. Jennifer offers to tell Jack all about Eve. Jennifer tells Jack how he and Eve married for money and how Eve put a curse on their marriage. Jennifer tells Jack they were torn apart by circumstance a few time, but they had something he and Eve never had and that is love. Jack asks Jennifer if him getting his memory back would mean a lot to her. Jennifer tells Jack it would. Jennifer tells Jack she wants to get to know him all over again. Jennifer says she has never loved anyone the way she loved Jack, that way she still does. Jack pulls away, and Jennifer says she needs to leave, but she refuses to give up on them.


Days Of Our Lives How Eve Got Jack

Days of Our Lives’ Eve sends a text asking where someone is, and gets a text back, right behind you. Xander is Eve’s helper, and she talks about how Kristen (ex-Stacy Haiduk) messed up his plan to kill Marlena (Deidre Hall). Xander tells Eve that if it wasn’t for Kristen, she couldn’t have waltzed back into Salem with Jack Deveraux. Eve says Kristen’s family might have kept Jack alive, but he is the one who approached her in November.

We have a flashback of Eve and Xander talking about her and Brady. Eve tells him about Jennifer and how she is going to get what is coming to her. Xander tells Eve he has the perfect instrument of her revenge. Eve tells Xander she doesn’t want to hurt Jennifer. Xander knocks on the wall, and Jack walks into the room. Eve flashes back to being reunited with Jack and learning about his memory loss.

Xander tells Eve the rest of the story. Eve asks Xander if Jack was at the same facility as E.J. and Xander says yes. Xander sends Jack back to the other room so he can talk to Eve. Eve asks what is wrong with Jack and Xander tells her Jack has no memory at all. Xander recommends Eve turn Jack against Jennifer. Xander convinced Eve that Jack would be bonded to her because he has no memory, but he wanted something in return.

Eve agrees to Xander’s terms and agrees to wait for payment. Eve gives Xander a flash drive but tells him is Jack’s memory comes back, this all goes up in smoke. Xander puts the flash drive into the computer and says jackpot. Eve returns home, and Jack demands to know why she’s been lying to him.

DOOL Spoilers Kayla For Helping Haley busts J.J.

Days of Our Lives’ Kayla confronts J.J. (Casey Moss) about covering for Haley (Thia Megia). Haley comes up and thinks J.J. is the one who told Kayla. Haley asks how J.J. could betray her like that, J.J. tries to tell her he had nothing to do with it. Kayla tells them that Kelly told her but gets paged to the NICU before they can discuss things. Kayla tells J.J. he is off duty until this is worked out.

Haley offers to apologize to J.J.; he says he owes her an apology. Haley asks why J.J. would apologize when she blew up at him. J.J. tells Haley he is sorry for the drama from last night. Haley says she got home ok. Haley cannot imagine how hard that was for J.J. to see his father. J.J. tells Kayla about Jack’s return and asks if there is any way to get the serum back for Jack.

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