The Young and the Restless RECAP Monday, August 20: Billy Admits His Feelings, Devon Struggles

The Young and the Restless RECAP Monday, August 20: Billy Admits His Feelings, Devon Struggles “The Young and the Restless” recap for Monday, August 20, 2018, reveals that over at the Athletic Club, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) lets Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) know that plenty of investors are interested in Dark Horse. Nick wonders if Jack is still hoping that he will buy the leasing company. Nick doesn’t want to buy it for the wrong reasons.

At home, Summer Newman (Hunter King) confronts Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and tries to get him to stop and talk to her, but he leaves for work.

Nate Tells Neil To Be Honest With Ashely

Over at Neil Winters’ (Kristoff St. John) penthouse, he and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) greet each other. Ashley wonders if he had an ulterior motive when he asked her back there. They agree they got lost in the music. Nate Hastings (Brooks Darnell) appears and Ashley leaves. Nate asks Neil what is up between him and Ashley and then tells him he should let her know how he feels.

Mariah Panics Over Tessa

At Crimson Lights, Billy Abbott runs into Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) and they chat. Billy understands why Cane did what he did. They talk about being screw-ups despite trying to be better. Out on the patio, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) tries to reach Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) and panics when she can’t get a hold of her.

Devon Refuses to Work With Lily

At Hamilton-Winters Group, Neil Winters finds Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil) outside the entrance. He walks in with her. Neil tries to get Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) to work with Lily but he doesn’t want to and he ends up leaving and decides he is going to work from home.

At the Dive Bar, Nick Newman wonders why Summer Newman is looking for Billy Abbott. They go back and forth about whether what Nick and Phyllis Summers did was really cheating. Nick then questions if Summer has a crush on Billy. Summer takes off.

Ashley Turns Neil Down

At Jabot, Ashley Abbott lets Billy Abbott know that she found an out of town seminar that he needs to go to. Ashley then gets a text from Neil Winters who wants them to get together again later, but she tells him she is too busy with work.


Devon Continues Struggling With Hilary’s Death

Over at the penthouse, Devon Hamilton looks at a photo of himself and Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan). Mariah Copeland arrives to check on him. He tells her it has been hard and there are reminders everywhere. Devon packs up some of the stuff.

He says he is going to give her clothes to charity. Mariah gets a text and Devon notices how disappointed she looks. She does not want to burden him, but he wants the distraction. She then tells him how she can not reach Tessa Porter. Devon suggests she get a PI or do whatever she has to do to find her. Devon decides to hold onto Hilary’s clothes a little longer and Mariah leaves.

Nick Suggests a Truce with Billy

Back at the Athletic Club, Nick Newman runs into Billy Abbott and suggests a truce before letting him know that he is now the new owner of the leasing company and he will be paying rent to him. Nick walks off and fills Jack Abbott in as Billy glares.

Close by, Lily Ashby tells Cane Ashby she is worried about Neil Winters. Nate Hastings arrives and tells her not to worry about Neil only Devon Hamilton. At the Dive Bar, Jack updates Ashley Abbott. Ashley hopes that Nick will cancel the leases.

Billy Tells Summer His True Feelings

At Jabot, Summer Newman corners Billy Abbott in the elevator and demands he let her know his feelings towards her. He admits in some other universe where her mother doesn’t exist, he finds her attractive. Summer makes him list the reasons.

Billy then tells her that he is in love with her mother and is committed to her. Summer tells Billy to stop fighting his feelings and just go for it. He opens the elevator door and says game over! And that’s a wrap. Don’t forget to check often with Soap Opera Spy for all your soap needs.

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