General Hospital Recap Wednesday, November 21: Cameron Tells Josslyn The Truth; Ava And Ryan Kiss

General Hospital Recap Wednesday, November 21: Cameron Tells Josslyn The Truth; Ava And Ryan KissGeneral Hospital (GH) recap for Wednesday, November 21 reveals, Jason (Steve Burton) shows up at Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) with donuts, and Danny (T.K. Weaver) wants one. Sam comes downstairs and is sneezing.

General Hospital Spoilers – Jason Takes Sam To Bed

Danny wants to watch the parade from the roof. Sam asks Danny to check on Scout for her. Sam tells Danny she doesn’t feel like walking upstairs again. Jason asks what he can do for Sam; she tells him to leave, so he doesn’t get sick. Jason refuses to leave Sam with the two kids. Sam doesn’t want breakfast, but donuts are good any time. Jason tells Sam that Scout is asleep.

Jason tries to get Sam to go to bed; she wants to see the parade with Danny. Sam tells Jason it is nice to have him rescue her sometimes. Jason and Danny come downstairs to get Sam to watch the parade, but she’s asleep on the couch. Jason carries Sam upstairs to bed. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) arrives to get the kids and Danny tells her mommy is upstairs in bed with Daddy. Jason gets Sam into bed and starts to help Alexis with the kids. Sam stops Jason and tells him to stay with her; her mother can get the kids on her own. Sam pulls Jason close as he wraps his arms around her and tells him she misses him.

Josslyn Is Furious With Cameron On General Hospital

General Hospital’s Cameron (William Lipton) arrives at Sonny’s (Maurice Benard), Josslyn (Eden McCoy) is making turkeys and needs his help. Cameron has gotten a gift for Jocelyn. Ava (Maura West) calls Josslyn and says she’s coming to get Avery (Ava and Grace Scarola). Ava demands that Avery be ready. Cameron asks if Josslyn is sure her parents are ok with him being there. Cameron says everyone thinks they are dating and couples do stuff when they are alone together. Cameron and Josslyn kiss.

Cameron asks if Josslyn still likes Oscar (Garren Stitt). Jocelyn cares about Oscar, but it’s over so if Cameron wants to try this for real they can. Cameron tells Jocelyn she wouldn’t be saying this if she knew that Oscar was sick. Cameron tells Jocelyn to talk to Oscar because it wasn’t low blood sugar at the hospital. Josslyn asks how long Cameron knew and he says a while. Josslyn asks if that is why Oscar broke up with her.

Cameron tells Jocelyn that Oscar ordered him not to say anything. Cameron asked what he was supposed to do, lay to her or keep a promise to a dying man? Josslyn tells Cameron he as supposed to tell her the truth and let her figure out what to do and storms out. Cameron knocks the turkey’s all over the floor and picks up his gift. Cameron leaves and asks Sonny to give Josslyn his gift. Josslyn goes to see Oscar at work.

General Hospital Recap – Alexis Is Worried About Oscar

General Hospital’s Oscar meets with Alexis at the Metrocourt. Oscar is closing after breakfast to let the others be home with family. Alexis suggests that Oscar spend time with his family. Alexis is worried about Oscar. Oscar asks if Alexis doesn’t believe her children think the same way.

Alexis tells Oscar that parents force their kids to do things all the time to protect them. Oscar wants to know why Alexis is on his side. Alexis tells Oscar a girl could have an abortion at his age; he should have the same control. Alexis tells Oscar if she was his parent, she would fight for every moment he could have on this earth, but she’s his lawyer and will fight to give him what he wants.

Sonny Helps Daisy With Food

General Hospital’s Sonny has press passes and invites Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) to go to the parade with him and Avery. Kristina tells him she can’t. Sonny can’t believe Julian has Kristina working on Thanksgiving. Sonny invites Kristina to dinner, but she has other plans. Daisy (Kelsey Wang) comes in, and she and Kristina are helping feed the less fortunate.

Daisy invites Sonny to join them, Kristina agrees. Sonny wishes he could, but he’s already cooking dinner. Daisy hopes Sonny will join them eventually. Sonny wants the address of the event and offers to send whatever food they need. Daisy tells Kristina what a quick study she is. Daisy and Kristina leave Oscar to take care of things. Daisy tells Kristina to invite Sam over some time to meet everyone.

GH Recap – Ryan Refuses To Tell Laura The Truth

General Hospital’s Laura (Genie Frances) and Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) meet, and she gives him an envelope. Ryan is not happy with Laura’s press statement and wants it changed. Ryan tells Laura it feels like a lie, she says the whole situation does. Ryan tells Laura not to do this.

Ryan says this might be different had he come to France with her. Laura tells Ryan he is not the guy she married and she plans to find him. Laura thinks this is about Ryan. Laura wants honesty, Ryan tells her to be careful, the truth hurts. Sonny stops by Laura’s table and tells her she has her vote. Sonny invites Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) to go to the parade with him and Avery.


Sasha Tells Valentin About Ava Drugging Her

General Hospital’s Spencer is at Wyndemere to speak to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Valentin asks if Laura knows Spencer is there. Spencer says Laura is going to be the next mayor and will get rid of him. Valentin accuses Spencer of election tampering after his bragging about the results. Sasha (Sophie Mattsson) arrives, and Valentin introduces them. Sasha asks how they are related, Spencer, claims to be the rightful heir to the Cassidine estate.

Valentin gives Sasha more money, and she tells him it’s amazing how much he loves Nina (Michelle Stafford) in his twisted way. Nina sees part of the exchange. Nina asks what is going on with Sasha and Valentin. Valentin says he was giving Sasha some money to buy Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) something nice in New York. Sasha came to Valentin because she was worried about Ava and Nina. Nina tells them Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) stopped her from slapping Ava, but she’s not going to get away with this. Nina plans to let the police handle Ava.

General Hospital Spoilers – Nina Confronts Ava Over Sasha

General Hospital’s Nina wants Sasha to see The Nutcracker with her and Charlotte. Sasha tells Nina she can’t go after last night. Sasha tells Nina what happened last night and how shaken up she is. Nina understands and tells her its ok. Ava tells Nina she has no room to talk after tearing her child out of her womb. Ryan breaks the fight up, and tells Nina she made a mistake. Nina says she’s calling the police and will let them take care of this.

Laura Sees Ryan With Ava On General Hospital

General Hospital’s Ava has tickets delivered to her, she is planning on leaving town with Avery. Ava is leaving the gallery when Nina arrives. Nina asks if she is going somewhere. Nina tells Ava she drugged her daughter and that is assault. Nina asks Ava if she didn’t learn anything from Morgan’s death. Ava tells Kevin she has no one, Kevin says she has him. Ryan tells Ava he won’t let anything happen to her. Ryan tells Ava she is a goddess and he kisses her, Laura walks in and sees the kiss.

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