General Hospital RECAP, Tuesday June 26: Mary-Pat’s Ominous Warning To Carly About Mystery Ferncliff Patient

“General Hospital” (GH) recap for Friday, June 26, kicks off with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) giving Chase (Josh Swickard) a cup of coffee. Chase tries to tell Dante he just wants to protect his family.

Dante Wants Chase To Approach Nelle

Dante tells Chase he doesn’t trust him. Dante tells Chase he already lost Morgan (Bryan Craig) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey), he is not going to lose Michael (Chad Duell) too. Chase couldn’t come forward about Nelle (Chloe Lanier) until he was sure.

Chase asks Dante if he would have kept his mouth shut if he was honest. Chase tells Dante that Nelle will try and use their bias against them. Dante tells Chase when Nelle could have pulled the plug on the kayak.


Dante and Chase are talking about other possible witnesses in Nelle’s case when Sonny (Maurice Benard) arrives to see Dante.

Sonny thanks Dante and tells him to hug Rocco (O’Neill Monahan) and Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) for him. Sonny thinks Chase is a good guy and tells Dante so. Dante tells Chase he has an idea. Dante wants Chase to rattle Nelle’s cage and see what happens.

Michael Tells Nelle He Found Her Perfume

General Hospital’s Nelle is on the floor looking for the bottle of cologne she lost, Michael comes in. Michael tells Nelle he found the perfume. Michael found perfume in the medicine cabinet, Nelle claims to be worried about other things.

Michael tells Nelle he told Chase to back off. Nelle wants to report Chase to the commissioner, Michael brings up when she did it in Florida. Nelle tells Michael that Chase was going to falsify evidence against her. Nelle accuses Chase of using his power against other women.

Michael agrees Nelle did the right thing with Chase, just not with him. Michael wants to know why she didn’t tell him about reporting Chase. Nelle tells Michael she feels if she makes one wrong move, he will walk away. Nelle tells Michael she is going to go see Joss, he wants to tag along, she refuses. Nelle kisses Michael and he wipes the kiss off when she leaves.

Kim And Drew Celebrate Oscar’s Writing Award

General Hospital’s Kim (Tamara Braun) has gotten a bumper sticker for both her and Drew’s (Billy Miller) cars with Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) his award. Joss (Eden McCoy) takes a picture of the three of them together with the sticker. Oscar thinks they should be taking pictures of Joss.

Joss has a gift for Oscar, it’s a compass for when he goes hiking. Oscar kisses Joss and tells her he loves her. Joss gives Oscar the cologne that came from Nelle. Oscar loves the compass and having both his parents at the ceremony.

Oscar wants to know if Joss has thought about writing Carly (Laura Wright). Oscar wants to know why Nelle wasn’t at the ceremony. Joss says her family has more important things to do than come to her ceremony. Joss goes off on Oscar and leaves.

Drew is impressed that Kim settled for just a bumper sticker. Kim says she is a cool mom, Drew laughs at her, and tells him about her Drew filter. Kim tells Drew she always asks what he would do when she is unsure. Kim wants to know if Oscar has said anything to him about Julian (William DeVry).

Kim figures out that Oscar wants his parents together and asked if he told Drew that. Oscar tells Drew and Kim about Joss being upset, Drew assures him Joss will be in touch. Oscar shows Kim and Drew the cologne and the compass. Kim and Drew both leave, Oscar thanks them both first.

Joss Realizes Why Carly Trusts Jason

General Hospital’s Jason (Steve Burton) arrives at Sonny’s and tells him he was fired from Ferncliff. Jason tells Sonny he thinks Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) gave him up. Jason explains what he assumed Kevin though. Jason tells Sonny about Mary-Pat (Patricia Bethune) and her controlling personality.

Jason tells Sonny he’s afraid Carly will make her own plan to save herself. Jason tells Sonny that Ferncliff is worse than prison and Carly isn’t wired to put up with this. Joss comes in and Sonny asks what she has. Jason and Sonny both congratulate her.

Sonny tells Joss she would have made time for her and they are both proud of her. Sonny tells Joss that Carly will be proud of her too. Jason tells Joss that Sonny was right.

Joss is upset because she didn’t visit Carly when she had the chance. Jason tells Joss that she is just like Carly and doesn’t give up on the people she loves. Joss tells Jason how glad Carly was that he came home. Jason holds Joss as she cries over Carly.

Mary-Pat Reads Carly’s Diary

General Hospital’s Carly thinks about Jason giving her the phone. Mary-Pat comes into the room while Carly is holding the phone and asks what it is. Carly tells Mary-Pat that Kevin suggested she keep a diary, she demands to read it. Carly hides the phone again.

Mary-Pat tells Carly that Jason is gone. Mary-Pat refuses to tell Carly how she found out about Jason. Mary-Pat warns Carly to not engage with the person next door. Carly hides the phone again while the patient continues to try and contact her.

Carly forces herself to work out instead of answering the patient beside her. Mary-Pat walks into the patient’s room with a needle full of meds. Carly sees someone walk past the door and knocks on the wall to check on the patient. Sonny gets in to see Carly and Mary-Pat is upset over it and vows to file a complaint.

Michael Refuses To Take A Back Seat

General Hospital’s Nelle arrives at Sonny’s and apologizes to Joss before asking about the cologne. Meanwhile, Jason shows up at the Quartermaine’s to talk to Michael about Nelle. Michael blames himself for putting Carly in Ferncliff and is willing to risk his life to save her.

Joss tells Nelle that she threw the cologne in the recycling and it was picked up this morning. Jason tells Michael about talking to Joss. Michael thinks the family is crumbling and he tells Jason the hacking is paying off but he doesn’t have proof yet.

Michael gives Jason the receipt and tells him Nelle will make a mistake. Nelle smells Oscar’s cologne and he tells her Joss gave it to him. Jason wants Michael to back off, he refuses, he’s just getting started.

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