General Hospital RECAP Tuesday, June 12: Chase And Nelle Shocker Revealed

General Hospital RECAP Tuesday, June 12: Chase And Nelle Shocker Revealed “General Hospital” (GH) recap for Monday, June 11, 2018,  Jason (Steve Burton) is shooting pool at the floating rib, Sam (Kelly Monaco) walks up and give him a beer, she thinks he can use it.

Jason And Sam Play Pool And Plan Stategy

Sam wants to play too, she was supposed to meet Curtis (Donnell Turner) but he bailed. Sam tells Jason about going into business with Curtis, he teases her about the name order. Sam likes the suit and the tie.

Jason brings up Tony kidnapping Michael (Chad Duell) and about Carly’s (Laura Wright) post-partum depression. Jason tells Sam how Carly shot Tony (Brad Maule) in open court. Jason tells Sam how Carly faked a break down and got sent to Ferncliff for 4 months.


Nelle (Chloe Lanier) belongs in Ferncliff not Carly, she set her up Jason tells Sam. Jason tells Sam how Carly panics and that scares him. Jason knew Carly saw that scarf and that someone was in Bobbie’s house, he should have put it together sooner.

Jason tells Sam how bad Ferncliff is and how Carly could have been sent to prison for 25 years. Jason wants to prove that Nelle set Carly up and doesn’t know how much time he has to do it.

Sam asks why Jason is so worried, he is afraid Carly will start causing trouble because she wants out to protect her kids. Sam warns Jason against getting himself thrown in Ferncliff, this isn’t Michael, Carly can take care of herself.

Chase And Nelle Were Lovers

General Hospital’s Nelle talking in the courtroom, Chase (Josh Swickard) walks in, he wanted to catch up after she bailed on him. Nelle wants to know what brings Chase to Port Charles. Chase couldn’t believe Carly’s victim was his friend “Janelle”.

Chase brings up Nelle sitting in a kayak watching her fiancé died. Chase wanted to give Grant’s answers but he was falling in love with her and he was reported, she got away with murder.  Nelle tells Chase she knew what they did was wrong.

Chase had to start over as a detective because of his relationship with Nelle. Chase says Nelle attaches on to the elite and is having a kid with the heir to the two most influential families in Port Charles. Chase makes it plan he is keeping an eye on Nelle.

Nelle goes home, Michael wants to know if she finished up with the D.A. (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and accuses her of wanting to thank the D.A. for getting his mom sent to Ferncliff. Nelle tells Michael she ran into someone she knew from Florida at the courthouse, he is shocked.

Josslyn and Michael Discuss Carly’s Fate

General Hospital’s Georgie and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) are with Michael. Spinelli has what Michael needs to uncover Nelle shenanigans. Spinelli gives Michael a device to catch Nelle in the act. Spinelli and Georgie leave. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) shows up and Michael tells her that Carly is in Ferncliff. Josslyn tells Michael she should have stayed out of it and never asked Carly to apologize to Nelle. Josslyn second guesses her testimony, and Michael tries to calm her down, there is nothing they can do right now to help Carly.

Liesl Doesn’t Trust Herself With Peter

General Hospital’s Liesl (Kathleen Gati) wants Nina (Michelle Stafford) to come back now. Peter (Wes Ramsey) gets a piece of glass while she’s on the phone and tries to cut himself loose. Liesl can’t be trusted alone with Peter any longer she tells Nina, then catches him with the glass.

Nina tells Maxie (Kirsten Storms) she is going to check on Liesl. Maxie wants to go but Nina won’t let her. Liesl tells Peter he should be thinking about what he did to Nathan. Liesl takes a bat and uses it to discourage further attempts to escape. Nina arrives and stops Liesl’s assault, she gives Peter something for the pain.

Oscar Goes Home With Drew For The Weekend

General Hospital’s Oscar (Garren Stitt) forgot his toothbrush when packing to stay with Drew (Billy Miller) for the weekend. Oscar isn’t happy Kim (Tamara Braun) is going away with Julian (William DeVry), Drew question if he should be worried.

Drew tells Kim that Julian did a number on Alexis. Kim trusts Julian, Drew agrees. Oscar tells Drew that he knows someone else that’s better for his mom. Drew and Oscar go to the Quartermaine mansion where Josslyn runs into Oscar’s arms.

Julian Gives Lucas Information About His Birth Mother

General Hospital’s Julian gives Lucas (Ryan Carnes) information on his birth mother and added Jerome family info too. Julian doesn’t like the fact that Lucas and Brad (Parry Shen) don’t know anything about the birth mother.

Lucas tells Julian to stay out of it, he’s playing by the rules. Kim joins Julian and they get ready to go on their trip. Kim and Julian are going camping. Julian questions Kim about birth mother’s records.

Spinelli and Maxie Discuss Peter

General Hospital’s Spinelli and Georgie arrive at Maxie’s to surprise her. Georgie wants to see the baby, Maxie explains he isn’t home yet, but she will get to see him.

Georgie makes James a picture while Spinelli and Maxie talk. Maxie tells Spinelli how wrong she was to trust Peter. Spinelli tells Maxie she needs to focus on the baby. Maxie wants Peter to pay.

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