General Hospital Recap Thursday, September 13: Margaux Getting Close, Sonny Refuses To Leave His Family & Run

General Hospital Recap Thursday, September 13: Margaux Getting Close, Sonny Refuses To Leave His Family & Run General Hospital recap for Thursday, September 13, 2018 reveals, Robin (Kimberly McCullough) comes downstairs to meet Anna (Finola Hughes). Anna wants to know what Robin meant about deciding what to do about Peter (Wes Ramsey).

Maxie And Anna Talk

Robin wants to talk just Peter and her. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) shows up with James. Maxie and Robin talk about Georgie being a bossy big sister. Maxie and Robin discuss Peter. Robin isn’t sure she wants Peter involved in her life. Robin is leaving on an errand. Robin wants Anna and Maxie to talk. Anna feels she caused some of Maxie’s pain.

Maxie understands how Anna feels. Maxie tells Anna she wouldn’t have survived without James. Anna would change things if she could. Anna knows what it is like to lose someone. Anna understands if it’s easier for Maxie if she doesn’t see her. Maxie tells Anna that Finn (Michael Easton) saved Peter. Maxie waited for Peter to wake up.

Maxie says Anna is just a mother, not dishonoring her grief. Maxie says Finn is quite the hero. Anna tells Maxie why she gave up Peter. Maxie hopes Anna can see how her choices have hurt Peter. Maxie can never cut Anna out of her life, but can’t promise to let Peter in. Robin tells Anna that she met Peter. Robin says neither can control the other’s relationship with Peter.

Peter Gives Lulu The Ryan Chamberlain Article

General Hospital’s Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Peter aren’t discussing the Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). Peter tells Lulu if she wants this story done right, she has to do it. Lulu doesn’t want to blindside people. Lulu tells Peter he needs a new reporter. Peter doesn’t want anyone else on the Chamberlain story. Peter expects Lulu’s honest opinion whenever required.

Peter is aware of Lulu’s risk and that she’s giving him a second chance. Lulu tells Peter all kids want to unmask their nightmare. Robin introduces herself to Peter. Robin tells Peter she has no idea what it is like to have Faison (Anders Hove) for a parent. Robin knows what its like to have an absent mother because of an obsessed man. Peter assures Robin she has nothing to fear from him.

Robin tells Peter that he’s not going to try and talk him into having a relationship with Anna. Anna stands on her own merits, and he has to make his own choices. Robin tells Peter that Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) wants to meet him. Robin told Emma she wasn’t sure Peter could be her uncle. Peter hopes to give Robin a reason to introduce them some time.

Ryan Encourages Lulu

General Hospital’s Ryan is dictating Kevin’s (Jon Lindstrom) notes. Ryan is looking at pictures of Felicia (Kristina Wagner) when Laura (Genie Francis) calls him. Ryan tells Laura he turned his phone off at Ferncliff. Laura asks if he is stress, he says no. Lulu shows up at Kevin’s office. Lulu tells Ryan about the story on the 25th anniversary of the killing spree. Lulu explains that she isn’t writing the article herself but is overseeing it. “Kevin” supports this article and insight into Ryan.

Sam Supports Kristina’s Decision

General Hospital’s Sam (Kelly Monaco) visits Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) at Charlie’s. Sam questions Kristina’s decision about her job. Kristina makes Sam a drink. Sam tells Kristina that she didn’t fit in with Parker’s life. Sam tells Kristina sometimes love isn’t enough. Kristina needs advice. Kristina likes being a bartender and is comfortable doing it.

Sam wants to know if this is the right place for her or does she want to fight. Julian (William DeVry) tries Kristina’s drinks and is impressed. Sam supports Kristina’s decision to work there. Kristina assures Sam that not everything she does is a jab at Alexis. Julian wants to know if Sam is ok with Kristina working there. Sam tells Julian, no but Kristina makes her own choices. Julian says if Kristina makes Sam stop by more that is a good thing.

Margaux And Jordan Get Evidence

General Hospital’s Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) discuss the body under Charlie’s. Margaux talks about Frank Smith. Jordan gets an email from the ME, the cause of death is several gunshot wounds to the chest. Margaux asks if they found a gun, Jordan says they are still looking. Jordan tells Margaux the police found something.


Julian Works Sonny

General Hospital’s Julian tells Sonny (Maurice Benard) about the body. Julian says he knows the body is why Sonny wanted the pub. Sonny wants to know why Julian came to him. Julian doesn’t know what all the police found. Jason (Steve Burton) tells Julian he should hope there are no more gas leaks.

Julian says he wouldn’t have seen those bones for months if it wasn’t for that gas leak. Julian wants out of his coffee deal with Sonny. Julian tells Sonny he hired Kristina as a bartender. Julian didn’t think Kristina would keep the job after the explosion, but she did. Julian leaves as Jason walks him to the door. Jason tells Sonny that Julian is using Mike (Max Gail) as leverage.

Sonny thanks Jason for saving Kristina. Sonny doesn’t believe Julian will cause any problems. Jason asks if Sonny thinks Julian manipulated Kristina. Sonny tells Jason no, Julian is telling the truth. Sonny says Kristina is a rebel.

Jason Wants Sonny Out Of Town

General Hospital’s Jason offers to take the bones, Sonny warns him against it. Sonny tells Jason that Margaux is after them both. Jason wants Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) to see if they found a gun. Sonny tells Jason the weapon could tie him to the body. Sonny has securities in place to take care of everything. Michael is in charge of legitimate businesses, Jason has everything else. Jason says they can get Sonny out of town at a moment’s notice. Sonny refuses to run this time.

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