Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Wednesday, December 26 Gabi Confesses Everything To Chad – Stefan Wants Revenge

Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Wednesday, December 26 Gabi Confesses Everything To Chad - Stefan Wants Revenge Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Wednesday, December 26, 2018, reveals Haley (Thia Megia) is making the bed when J.J. (Casey Moss) walks into the room. J.J. thinks Haley should take it easy since she tried to kill herself yesterday, Haley says she needs to keep her job. J.J. tells Haley that he can see she is in trouble.

DOOL Spoilers – J.J. Tries To Talk To Haley

Haley tries to convince him she’s fine. J.J. tells her she intentionally tried to kill herself with someone else’s medication and wanted him to leave her. Haley tells J.J. she’s sure he is a great guy, but it’s over. J.J. heard her crying on the phone before she tried to kill herself. Haley says she found out Santa wasn’t bringing her what she wanted for Christmas. J.J. believes there is more to the story.

J.J. wants to start over with Haley and introduces himself to her. J.J. tells her a little about himself. J.J. tries to talk to Haley more, she thanks him and tells him to leave her alone and let her do her job. J.J. tells Haley he will leave her alone, but he’s there if she wants to talk. Haley says she will and tells him she’s not his project and he needs to mind his business.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Julie Encourages Jennifer

Days of Our Lives’ Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) tells Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) that Gabi (Camila Banus) switched the test results. Julie tells Jennifer about telling Stefan (Tyler Christopher) and Abby (Kate Mansi) the truth and that Abby has taken him to see Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) to prove it. Jennifer says Abby must have felt like no one was in her corner. Jennifer tries to call Abby again, and she doesn’t answer. Julie tells Jennifer that she isn’t avoiding her. Julie says that everyone believed Gabi’s lies because they wanted to help Abby. Jennifer says if it weren’t for Gabi, J.J. wouldn’t be there.

Julie says after what Gabi did to Abby she can’t forgive her. Jennifer says a year like this makes you want to hold onto your kids and protect them. Julie says that Eric (Greg Vaughan) broke Jennifer’s heart, she tells her no, she lost Eric because she lied. Jennifer tells Julie she is done with love. Julie tells Jennifer that you never give up on love. Jennifer tells Julie her boat sank when Jack (Matthew Ashford) died. Julie wants Jennifer to come to the New Year’s Eve party at Doug’s Place. Julie tells her to get a dress and go to the party.


DOOL Spoilers – Stefan Has A Job For Ben

Days of Our Lives’ Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) arrives and asks Stefan what happened. Ben doesn’t understand why Stefan would ruin Charlotte’s gifts nothing can take his daughter away. Stefan says he wishes that was true. Stefan tells Ben that he believed what Abby told him and just like Marlena (Deidre Hall) said his world came crashing down. Stefan tells Ben that Gabi did this to him, she took away every chance he had to be happy. Ben has delivered all the gifts to the hospital for Stefan.

Ben tells Stefan about his dad burning down the Christmas tree one year. Ben tells Stefan that both their fathers went dark and so has he and he wouldn’t wish that on Stefan. Ben asks if Stefan needs anything else, he needs him to spoil someone else’s Christmas. Ben text Ciara (Victoria Konefal) and breaks their date, he has to do something for work. Stefan toasts Stefano (ex-Joe Mascolo) as Ben walks into Gabi’s room and she starts to scream as he covers her mouth.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Chad Doesn’t Believe Abby

Days of Our Lives’ Gabi is packing to move home; she believes she’s going to be raising Abby’s baby with Chad (Billy Flynn). Abby comes in downstairs; Chad assumes she is there to see Thomas (Asher Morrissette). Abby tells Chad Charlotte is his daughter. Chad doesn’t believe Abby and asks what she wants for him since she lied to Stefan to get out of Bayview.

Chad keeps saying it’s not true, Abby is sick. Chad tells Abby he needs her to go back to Bayview and get help. Chad says he’s going to call Kayla, Abby encourages him to do so, she will confirm everything Abby is saying. Chad assumes the test results were a mistake, Abby tells him no. Chad says Stefan changed them to hold onto Gabby (Kate Mansi) and threatens to kill him. Abby yells at Chad that it wasn’t Stefan, it was Gabi.

DOOL Chad Learns The Whole Truth

Days of Our Lives’ Gabi walks in, and Chad asks if she changed the paternity test results. Gabi denies changing the results. Abby punches Gabi in the face; Chad holds Abby back. Chad tells Gabi she has no problem destroying other people’s lives. Gabi tells Chad how Abby has everything, and she doesn’t. Chad understands why Gabi would do that to Abby but not him. Gabi says she was going to make things right. Chad tells Gabi he came to her as a friend and she said nothing. Chad asks Gabi how she could let him hate his child. Chad tells Gabi she cost him everything.

Chad tells Gabi that he turned this into something ugly. Chad says he hated himself. Chad can never forgive himself for wishing an innocent child had never been born or for thinking his wife was anything but perfect. Gabi tells Chad she was going to tell him the truth, she would never let Stefan raise his child, Abby says that’s bull. Abby tells Chad everything Gabi did, and he tells her if she was ever his friend to tell him the truth. Gabi admits to everything. Chad asks Gabi how many nights Thomas cried himself to sleep because of her. Chad says he and Thomas were going to move in with her because she thought it would be good for Thomas. Gabi begs to spend Christmas with Ari.

Abby tells her to go to her daughter, Chad tells her tomorrow she will deal with every bit of pain she caused his family. Abby brings Charlotte to Chad, and he apologizes for everything. Abby tells Chad that Charlotte wants to meet her dad and she hands him the baby. Chad says she’s beautiful just like her mom. They wish each other Merry Christmas.

Days Of Our Lives Tripp Has Claire A Gift

Days of Our Lives’ Ciara text Ben and asks if he wants to go for a spin. Ben says he would love to and asks when. Tripp (Lucas Adams) arrives and asks about the bell and if it’s from Ben. Ciara apologizes that Tripp saw the bell. Tripp tells Ciara she doesn’t have to hide gifts from her boyfriend from him she lives there too. Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) asks Ciara what happened and wants to check on Tripp. Claire asks if Ciara has a problem with that, Ciara tells her she can check on Tripp all she wants. Claire tells Ciara she thinks she’s trying to take advantage of Tripp and asks why she cares.

Ciara says she cares because she doesn’t want her to get hurt. Ciara tells Claire she doesn’t want her to be the rebound girl. Claire says Ciara doesn’t want Tripp and doesn’t want anyone else to have him. Ciara agrees that Claire has a point. Ciara says its pretty cool that they can talk now. Claire asks Ciara what she wants, she wants to be friends with Tripp again but isn’t sure that is possible. Ciara agrees that Tripp needs a friend that can listen to him. Ciara apologizes for trying to stop Claire from being Tripp’s friend. Claire comes downstairs and sees Tripp with a gift. Claire thinks it’s for Ciara, but he says it’s for her. Tripp tells Claire she’s been a good friend and he got the gift since she is always dropping her phone. Claire hugs Tripp to thank him for the gift.

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