Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Thursday, December 27: Stefan Terrorizes Gabi – Kate Says Vivian’s Death Wasn’t An Accident

Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Thursday, December 27: Stefan Terrorizes Gabi - Kate Says Vivian’s Death Wasn’t An Accident Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Thursday, December 27, 2018, reveals Kate (Lauren Koslow) speaks to Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) at the hospital.

DOOL Spoilers Dr. Shah Asks Jennifer Out

Kate had no idea that Sarah had taken a job there. Sarah tells Kate that Rex (ex-Kyle Lowder) moved Mimi (ex-Farah Fath) and the baby to Chicago. Kate is sorry that Rex hurt Sarah. Sarah is glad she found out Rex cheated before she married him. Kate says it’s a time for forgiveness; people make mistakes. Sarah introduces herself to Dr. Shah (Andre Khabbazi), he asks about her relationship to Jennifer (Melissa Reeves).

Sarah tells Dr. Shah she and Jennifer are cousins. Sarah tells Dr. Shah that Jennifer is no longer with Eric (Greg Vaughan) and he better asks her out before someone else does, she won’t be single long. Dr. Shah calls Jennifer and asks her to be his date for New Year’s Eve, she agrees.

Abby Gives Jennifer and Chad A Piece Of Her Mind

Days of Our Lives’ Abby (Kate Mansi) comes downstairs and is packing up some of Charlotte’s stuff. Jennifer tries to talk to Abby and asks if she and Chad (Billy Flynn) are going to try and work things out. Jennifer can’t believe what Gabi(Camila Banus) did to Abby. Jennifer talks about them reuniting and Abby must be so happy that things are working out. Jennifer can’t imagine how Abby feels.

Abby tells Jennifer she was abandoned by everyone in her family. Jennifer says she is a mom and did what she had to do. Abby says Jennifer should have trusted her because Gabi was the only one she needed protection from, no one else. Abby tells Jennifer because of her, and Chad Charlotte was ripped out of her arms, and she was locked up in a mental institution. Jennifer swears she had no idea that Chad had struck a deal with Stefan (Tyler Christopher).

Abby says she will forgive Jennifer because she wants Charlotte to see that, but she probably won’t ever forget it. Jennifer begs Abby to forgive Chad, and she says he believed Gabi over her and she cannot forgive that. Abby comes downstairs and finds Chad at the door. Chad tells Abby he has some bad news, Gabi is gone. Abby asks if that is the only reason Chad stopped by, he asks to see Charlotte. Chad wants to stay and talk, Abby tells him he is glad that Charlotte is his, but that doesn’t change anything he has done to her. Abby tells Chad they are a long way from working things out. Chad says he knows Abby closes the door in his face.

Chad Tells Kate To Stay Out Of His Life

Days of Our Lives’ Chad is in the living room at the Kiriakis mansion. Rafe (Galen Gering) comes in and asks why Chad wanted to see him. Chad tells Rafe he needs to go upstairs and arrest his sister. Chad tells Rafe what Gabi did with the paternity tests. Rafe questions why Gabi would do this to him. Chad tells Rafe he was collateral damage in punishing Stefan and Abby. Chad says Abby let Gabi spend Christmas with Ari (Sydney and Harper Udell) and now he wants her arrested.

Rafe says he should have seen this when he questioned Gabi. Chad and Rafe go upstairs to arrest Gabi. Chad and Rafe find Gabi missing, and Rafe goes looking for her. Rafe says someone is probably helping Gabi since she wasn’t the only one Gabby (Kate Mansi) attacked. Chad thinks back to Kate backing Gabi’s story. Chad confronts Kate about lying to him about Abby. Kate tells Chad that she knew, but Gabi was blackmailing her. Kate tells Chad she was feeding Stefan inside information.

Kate tells Chad everything about the lawsuit and working with Stefan. Chad tells Kate everything he did to betray Abby and that she could have prevented it. Chad says you did this to protect me, and Kate says yes but she was afraid of what he would do. Kate tells Chad she’s sorry he tells her now she’s not, he hugs her and tells her to stay out of his life.

Stefan Terrorizes Gabi

Days of Our Lives’ Stefan has Gabi tied to a chair in his living room. Stefan offers her breakfast, Gabi struggles trying to speak. Stefan tells Gabi she messed with the wrong man. Gabi screams, Stefan tells her no one is there to hear her. Gabi asks what Stefan is going to do with her now is he going to turn her over to Ben (Robert Scott Wilson)? Stefan says he thought about asking Ben for pointers but strangling her isn’t painful enough. Stefan says she will be punished though. Stefan tells Gabi that he and Gabby loved each other and she took his family away from him.

Stefan asks Gabi why she did this; she tells him because he and Gabby send her to prison. Gabi can’t have kids, lost her freedom and her daughter because of them. Stefan asks if Gabi enjoyed doing this to him, she says every second of it. Gabi tells Stefan she watched him fall in love with Gabby and that baby and loved every minute. Stefan can do whatever he wants to her. Gabi says Stefan never once thought about her or her daughter and she’s not sorry for hurting him.

Gabi tells Stefan now he knows what it is like to lose a child. Stefan somehow respects Gabi for getting back at him. Stefan says now it’s his turn for revenge. Gabi asks if Stefan is going to kill her, he tells her no. Stefan says Gabi needs to suffer. Stefan heats a fire poker and points it at Gabi. Stefan tells Gabi he should burn her, so she has a reminder of how ugly she is inside. Gabi tells Stefan she knows how ugly she is and tells him to make her as empty as she already feels.

Gabi tells Stefan to do it and get it over with now. Stefan acts like he’s going to burn Gabi and turns her loose. Gabi runs out of the house and heads home. Stefan is talking to Stefano’s portrait and tells him he’s not as ruthless as he is. Kate comes in and tells Stefan she has lost Chad for good, but Stefan has nothing over her now. Kate also tells Stefan that Vivian’s death was no accident and she deserved it. Kate says Happy New Year and leaves.


Sarah Asks Eric To The New Year’s Party

Days of Our Lives’ Eric is having coffee at the pub and talking to Eric. Roman (Josh Taylor) asks if Eric talked to Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) about spending New Year’s with Holly (Harlow and Scarlett Mallory). Roman gives Eric tickets to the New Year’s party and tells him to use them. Sarah comes into the pub and tells Eric it’s the best thing about working at the hospital.

Eric tells Sarah that Roman gave him tickets to the New Year’s gala. Eric offers her the tickets; she says she will take one if he uses the other one. Eric says he can’t go, Chloe works at Doug’s Place and he doesn’t want to be there. Sarah continues to try and get Eric to join her, he refuses. Sarah tells Eric that getting to know him was the best part of 2018 by far.

Gabi Turns Herself In

Days of Our Lives’ Ted (Gilles Marini) is waiting for Hope (Kristian Alfonso) to join him. Hope tells Ted she cannot protect him any longer. Rafe talked to Stefan, and he said he didn’t kidnap Ted and would stay away from him. Hope says she has no delusions about Stefan. Hope tells Ted the Salem PD has limited resources and there is nothing more she can do as commissioner.

Hope tells Ted to let her know if Stefan makes any threats to him. Rafe arrives at the station and tells Hope it looks like Gabi is on the run. Rafe tells Hope that Gabi set up Abby and he hasn’t told her the worst part. Rafe tells Hope everything that Gabi has done. Rafe wants to put out an APB on Gabi, but she comes to the station to turn herself into the police.

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