Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Friday, December 7: Ben Doesn’t Get His Man – Gabi Gets A Shock

Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recap Friday, December 7: Ben Doesn't Get His Man - Gabi Gets A ShockDays of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for Friday, December 7, 2018, reveals Lani (Sal Stowers) tells Eli (Lamon Archey) she’ sorry for sending him mixed signals. Eli tells Lani he has a woman at home more than happy to keep him busy while he’s waiting on her.

DOOL Spoilers – Lani And Eli Agree To Go Slow

Lani kisses Eli; he says they shouldn’t be doing this at the station, she doesn’t care and kisses him again. Eli tells Lani she could clean up at poker because he thought she was going to let him walk out the door. Lani doesn’t want to miss out on a chance at love. Eli and Lani agree to take it slow this time. Lani wants Eli to find Sheila (Tione “T-Boz” Watkins) another place to live.

Eli offers to move to Lani’s place, but she suggests he sleep on the floor at his place. Rafe (Galen Gering) arrives at the police station looking for Hope (Kristian Alfonso). Lani says she is tracing Hope’s credit cards and finds the motel receipt. Eli orders tacos for a snack for himself and Lani. Lani thinks she made the right decision giving them a chance and she’s really happy right now.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Ted Fails To Trap Ben

Days of Our Lives’ Ted (Gilles Marini) calls Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and gives him the motel address. Ben agrees to meet him; Ted tells Hope that Ben is on his way. Ted is supposed to get Ben to confess while Hope tapes it and then comes after him for something shady he has done. Ben arrives and Ted invites him into the room. Ted makes Ben a drink and starts telling him about this lawsuit. Ted has to have all the facts and asks Ben if he started that fire. Ted tells Ben he’s not accusing him, he needs all the facts. Ben isn’t interested in filing any lawsuit. Ben found a pretty good job that pays well.

Ben tells Ted he’s working for Stefan (Tyler Christopher), Ted yells Hope you pull a gun on him. Ted tries to say that Ben is there to kidnap him. Ben reminds Ted that he was the one who called him. Ben tells Hope and Ted this was a sting to get him to confess. Ben threatens to file a lawsuit with another lawyer if she doesn’t stop harassing him. Hope asks Ben if he was out with Ciara last night, Ben leaves without answering. Hope blames Ted for this falling apart. Ted wants to take a shower; Hope says she’s going to call Rafe. Rafe arrives at the motel, Ted comes out in a towel and asks what is going on with them.

DOOL Spoilers – Gabi Plans To Frame Stefan

Days of Our Lives’ Gabi (Camila Banus) shows up at Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) with the original test results and tells her they are going to fix this for Chad (Billy Flynn). Gabi wants to wait longer, but Kate refuses. Gabi says they need to find a way to get the results to Chad without implicating themselves. Gabi has every intention of securing her place as Chad’s wife and Charlotte’s mother.

Gabi thinks Abby (Kate Mansi) is in Bayview for a long time. Gabi wants to mail the results to Chad, but Kate tells her that won’t work. Gabi wants to frame Stefan. Gabi says Stefan could have been at a board meeting or been monitoring Abby’s pregnancy and gotten the results and she has a way for Chad to find the results. Gabi plans to plant the results in Stefan’s safe.

Kate asks how Chad is supposed to find the results then. Kate tells Gabi that Stefan knows she set up Abby, Gabi says he has no proof. Chad won’t believe anything Stefan says, all she has to do it deny it. Gabi rushes off to the mansion, but Abby and Stefan are already there.


Days Of Our Lives – Jennifer Lies For Hope

Days of Our Lives’ Hope calls Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and asks her to lie about her staying there last night. Chad arrives and tells Jennifer that Abby no longer wants to see him again. Chad tells Jennifer that Thomas is upset over his mom and not sleeping well. Jennifer offers to take Thomas on weekends or overnight any time Chad wants, he agrees.

Rafe shows up looking for Hope and agrees that she spent the night there last night. Jennifer doesn’t know where Hope is now. Jennifer asks Chad to go with her to see Charlotte. Jennifer calls Chad; he’s with Kate discussing Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Titan. Jennifer needs Chad to come by the house; they need to talk about Abby.

DOOL – Abby Fools Stefan

Days of Our Lives’ Abby is talking herself about getting out of Bayview; she believes Stefan will have her released. Stefan arrives and calls her Gabby (Kate Mansi); she says, of course, Abby has left the building. Stefan tells Abby they are working on the release papers. Stefan doesn’t know if he can trust her, but he can’t risk losing Gabby again. Stefan has brought Abby a wig, clothes, and makeup so she will look more like herself. Stefan comes back in and asks Gabby if she is there.

Stefan tells her to kiss him, she does and says that is a preview. Stefan says the doctor isn’t happy about letting her go, but he took back the papers that put her there. Chad takes Abby to the hospital to meet Charlotte. Abby asks to go in alone to meet her. Stefan is working on Charlotte’s release papers. Abby picks up the baby and talks to her. She apologizes for taking so long to get back to her and promises never to leave her again. Jennifer arrives at the hospital to see the baby. Stefan tells Jennifer that Charlotte’s mother is back and they are taking her home.

Jennifer says that is Abby, Stefan tells her not quiet. Abby talks to the baby and tells her she looks strange but is still her mama. Jennifer asks if Gabby has taken over for good. Jennifer demands Stefan take Abby back to Bayview and have her committed again. Abby tells Jennifer like hell she does. Abby tells Stefan that the nurse is getting the baby ready and they can leave. Jennifer starts begging to Abby and Stefan pushes her away. Abby and Stefan take Charlotte up to the nursery.

Stefan never thought he would have the family he always dreamed about; he’s the happiest he has ever been in his life. Abby has to take a deep breath to calm down before going upstairs. Ben arrives and tells Stefan things didn’t go as planned with Ted. Stefan and Ben leave the house together Gabi lets herself in to break into the safe. Ben tells Stefan that Ted is working with Hope. Abby comes downstairs and finds Gabi.

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