Days Of Our Lives Recap Wednesday, November 28: Hope Helps Ted – Rafe Sees Ben And Ciara Kiss

Days Of Our Lives Recap Wednesday, November 28: Hope Helps Ted - Rafe Sees Ben And Ciara Kiss Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Wednesday, November 28, 2018, reveals Leo (Greg Rikaart) demands Sonny (Freddie Smith) make an honest man out of him. Will (Chandler Massey) scoffs, and Sonny says he’s got to be kidding.

DOOL Spoilers – Leo Vows To Keep Sonny And Will Apart

Leo says he will force Sonny to marry him. Sonny and Will try to tell Leo no one will believe him if he takes it to court. Leo starts telling Sonny what he will say in court. Leo plans to take down Will, Sonny, and Titan. Leo tells Sonny they can say he left town until the lawsuit ended and now that neither work for Titan they have decided to reunite.

Leo tells Sonny he will lose Will either way and asks if he wants to lose everything else too. Leo goes to get another piece of pie and tells Sonny he is going to find a room and crash. Sonny and Will figure out that Ted (Gilles Marini) has been helping Leo.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Hope Lies To Rafe

Days of Our Lives’ Hope (Kristian Alfonso) wants to know what Ted has on Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and asks if he told him he tried to kill Ciara (Victoria Konefal). Hope demands to know what Ted has on Ben. Rafe (Galen Gering) tries to call Hope; Ted won’t let her answer the phone. Hope tells Ted she has to have solid evidence that Ben started that fire. Hope wants a recording of Ben confessing.

Hope tells Ted that what he wants her to do is illegal, and she cannot do it. Hope picks up her phone to call Rafe back. Rafe answers and Hope starts to tell him about Ted. Rafe stops Hope and tells her he saw Ben and Ciara kissing. Hope tells Ted he may be the only one who can help protect her daughter and agrees to hide him.

DOOL Spoilers – Ciara Agrees To A Date With Ben

Days of Our Lives’ Ben and Ciara kiss, he tells her she’s not too broken to be loved. Ben asks if Ciara still wants to run from her feelings for him. Rafe comes up and pulls Ben off of Ciara. Ciara tells Rafe she wanted Ben to kiss her and to not act like her mom. Rafe tells Ciara that Hope didn’t meet him, so he thought they were together. Rafe tells Ciara there will be consequences if she’s going to hang around people like Ben.

Rafe tries to convince Ciara that Ben was the only one who could start the fire. Ciara tells Rafe that Ben can be a kind and caring person. Rafe tells Ciara they thought Abby had gotten better but she attacked his sister. Rafe tries to scare Ciara into believing Rafe could relapse as well. Ciara apologizes for Rafe’s behavior. Ben tells Ciara to wait until her mother finds out.

Ben tells Ciara that people will hate her for being with him. Ciara tells Ben she can’t keep doubting him if they are going to be in a relationship. Ben asks what they do to get past this. Ciara tells Ben to look her in the eye and tell her he didn’t start the fire if he can do that she will never ask again. Ben doesn’t know what else he can do to convince Ciara that he would never hurt her. Ben tells Ciara he cares about her a lot. Ciara tells Ben she knows. Ben asks Ciara where they go from here. Ciara tells Ben her trust fund is frozen. Ben says he needs to get a job and find a place to live. Ben asks after he does this if she will have dinner with him, she agrees.


Kayla Confronts Gabi

Days of Our Lives’ Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) wants Stefan (Tyler Christopher) to be a role model for the baby. Stefan tells Kayla he knows she sees him as the enemy but he’s never seen her that way. Kayla wants Stefan to let the family be there for Charlotte. Kate comes to confront Kayla for selling her out to Stefan. Kayla says she never had a choice. Kate (Lauren Koslow) says Kayla and Steve (ex- Stephen Nichols) think they are better than anyone. Kate accuses Kayla of hypocrisy, Kayla agrees and apologizes.

Kate tells Kayla to save it; she wants her to admit she is no better than her. Kayla warns Kate to be careful with Stefan. Kayla confronts Gabi (Camila Banus) about the sleeping pills when J.J. (Casey Moss) leaves. Kayla asks Gabi if she drugged Abby (Kate Mansi). Kayla tells Gabi she knows she holds Abby responsible for what happened to her and she sometimes knows good people do bad things. Kayla says she isn’t accusing Gabi; she just had some concerns. Gabi reminds Kayla she’s not allowed to discuss her medical history. Gabi tells Kayla that Abby tried to kill her. J.J. shows up, and he leaves with Gabi.

J.J. Confronts Gabi

Days of Our Lives’ Gabi gets Kayla’s message and wonders what she could want. Gabi remembers Kayla giving her the pills. J.J. walks up and tells Gabi that Abby is struggling and it’s all her fault. J.J. tells Gabi she knows she lied to see Gabi. Gabi claims to have gone to Abby because she is her friend. J.J. tells Gabi that she pushed Abby over the edge and got her put into solitary. Gabi tells J.J. that Abby tried to kill her. Gabi says Abby accused her of having the wig in her bag; he asks if she did have it. J.J. apologizes for going off on Gabi. Gabi says it’s ok and swears she wants Abby to get help. J.J. and Gabi both head to the hospital, he wants to see the baby. J.J. goes to the gift shop to get a gift for Charlotte.

Kate Gets Stefan On Tape

Days of Our Lives’ Stefan bonds with Charlotte and tells her how she wants to read to Charlotte every day. Stefan is mad because Kate comes to see the baby. Kate tells Stefan how beautiful Charlotte is. Kate tells Stefan she wants to visit with Charlotte and asks how Ted is. Stefan wants to know why Kate asked about Ted. Stefan tells Kate his security team is watching Ted. Kate asks if Stefan will shoot first and ask questions later, Stefan says he will do what it takes because Ted can implicate them both.

Kate says she doesn’t know if Ted is alive, she only has his word for it. J.J. comes in and asks Stefan why he let Abby be committed. Stefan tells J.J. he would never get to see his child if he didn’t commit Abby. J.J. gives Stefan a panda for Charlotte and tells him it is Abby’s favorite. Stefan and J.J. hope Abby can be with her daughter soon. Stefan says goodnight to the baby and starts to leave when he gets a call saying Ted has escaped. Kate listens to her recording of Stefan admitting to holding Ted.

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